Entering the 90s of the Universal Century, the Neo Zeon forces secretly constructed a new mainline suit modeled after the Zaku type during the armistice. In particular, it seems that some mobile suits were unable to satisfy the required specs, despite being prototypes exclusively for Newtypes equipped with the next generation of psycommu technology based on a new model mainline suit.

Though the Varguil was supposed to have been developed exclusively for Newtypes for the rebirth of Neo Zeon, next generation psycommu technology was recovered from the suit loaded on the Atlante 3. It returned to a conventional psycommu type cockpit and funnels and at the same time had several of the armaments removed.

The pilot of the suit is Ensign Agos Lagarto, a cyber Newtype raised in Neo Zeon’s Newtype Labs.

Several were made and the Varguil is one of the prototypes connected to the Sazabi. It uses a generator 1.5 times the size of a Geara Doga and has Gundarium alloy armor. Multiple thrusters are arranged across the body which is designed with the intention of being lightweight.

Compared with other experimental mobile suits, it has superior speed and maneuverability numerically. However, during the difficult times when official adoption of the psycho frame being researched was still undecided, its output was not inferior to the psycho frame-equipped Jagd Doga (which would become the base for the Sazabi), though there was a considerable gap in psycommu performance. In terms of the psycommu-equipped mobile suit requested by Char, it was unable to escape the antiquated details and was instead considered a failure that lacked stability.

The funnel rack has six funnels, whose shape earns them their name. These funnels are similar to the Qubeley type but it seems that their charging capacity has been significantly increased because it is a size larger. The installed psycommu technology is Neo Zeon made but it doesn’t appear to work even with Cyber Newtypes. It is said that this funnel rack can be adopted to the next generation type of blade funnels with adjustments to parts.

When the grip is pulled back and the trigger is pulled, a single grenade round is launched.

The main thrusters are attached to the rear skirt armor and it is propelled by using it together with the vernier thrusters on the legs. The operation time can be extended with the propellant tanks attached to the funnel rack.