Prior to the production of the G-Saviour’s feature film, a promotional trailer version was produced. Here, we’ll introduce the contents of the trailer which was created with a different setting from the film.


The space crime syndicate known as Marchosias. This group of criminals which brings together all kinds of rogues, started working to bring the prosperous Side 4 under their control. Marchosias also employs mobile weapons known as mobile suits and moved to attack the settlement of New Manhattan at the heart of Side 4. A Bugu mobile suit descends into the settlement.

[1] This image of the entire side didn’t appear in the feature film but was produced for the trailer version. Each settlement is arranged at an interval of 200km. Side 4 sits at the closest Lagrange point to the moon.

[2] The settlement of New Manhattan where the central government of Side 4 is located. The cityscape looks as though New York City was placed inside the settlement. As a symbol of the settlement, the Statue of Liberty was also reconstructed at double the size of the original.

[3] Although difficult to confirm in the film, the Bugu is seen mobile with its booster pack and then jettisoning the pack. A sense of realism is conveyed by comparing it with the Statue of Liberty.


A Bugu that infiltrated the settlement begins its indiscriminate attack on the metropolitan area before our very eyes. It destroys the cityscapes that’s reminiscent of America’s olden days one after another. Citizens are also seen fleeing, trying to escape. Terrorism through the use of mobile suits: the power of Side 4’s police simply didn’t stand a chance. It was then, that a certain organization that protected Side 4 started to make their move to quell the attack…

[1] A Bugu begins its indiscriminate attack in the metropolitan area. Although their rifles utilize solid rounds in the feature film, in the trailer version they’re employing beam rifles.

[2] A Bugu moving between the buildings continuing its destructive rampage. Eye-catching cuts were illustrated such as the realistic depiction in a metropolitan area and the contrast of the people and buildings such as scenes where the citizens evading the steps of the Bugu or where it came in contact with buildings or where the buildings were destroyed were not included in the feature film.

[3] In the trailer version, it’s established that the Bugu were developed by Marchosias. Although there aren’t any scenes of them mobilized as a group in the film, the trailer version incorporates something like recorded footage of them moving in a group.


The organization known as the Secret Vigilance of Side 4 (SV-4), is tasked with the defense of Side 4 and masks themselves as a poor radio station. Upon obtaining intel that Marchosias is attacking New Manhattan, they begin to intercept. They scramble their state of the art mobile suit prepared to take on Marchosias: the G-Saviour. Preparations to sortie the suit are carried out swiftly.

[1] As the G-Saviour is supposed to be fighting inside the settlement, it is swapped out for Terrain Mode. In the trailer version, you can see the footage of the SV-4’s base facilities which do not appear in the film.

[2] A mechanic removes the protective film from the sensors of the G-Savior which has since finished its equipment swap out. It is one of the highlights in the trailer version that depicts a scene where it seems to be maintained much like current weaponry.

[3] With all combat preparations complete, the G-Saviour finally launches. Guided by the maintenance workers, scenes of it heading to the battlefield were also inserted, invoking a sense of realism like war movies.

【バトル イン セツルメント】

As the Bugu turns its muzzle towards the general populace, the G-Saviour cuts the Bugu in half! The SV-4 begin their counterattack following this attack. Having defeated the Bugu on land, the G-Saviour is equipped with a hover unit and battles with a Bugu sent into the settlement. On the ground and in the airspace surrounding the skyscrapers built in the settlements, the curtain rises on a mobile suit battle.

[1] The scene of the Bugu being cut in half are opposite of the angles in the feature film. In the film, the angle is from the rear of the G-Saviour. You can see parts of the terrain mode that you cannot see in the film.

[2] An active scene of the terrain hover mode that did not appear in the feature film. One of the highlights of the trailer version is the slightly different dogfight versus the space battle.

【バトル イン スペース】

With Marchosias’ Bugu’s targeting a transport ship, the G-Saviour switches to space mode and heads out to engage Marchosias’ space forces.

[1] The Bugu space mode launch one after another from their mothership to intercept the G-Saviour. The battle that unfolded between the Bugu and G-Saviour in space was not depicted in the feature film.

[2] The G-Saviour launching from the GS carrier and linking up with the Illusion. The scene in which the Illusion appears is the same scene for the trailer version as well as the feature film, unfortunately.

[3] The biggest difference between the G-Saviour’s space mode in the trailer and the feature film is texture. Although the trailer version utilizes a honeycomb structure, the feature film version changed to a mold with split panel armor, so the style of armor appears to be different.


The G-Saviour destroys the Bugu one after another, moving through space with a great bravura. While flaunting its high mobility and offensive abilities, it toys with Marchosias and finally annihilates the forces that attacked Side 4. A fleeting peace once again returns to Side 4.

[1] The G-Saviour, evading an attack by the incoming Bugu. This scene illustrates the high mobility of the space mode. A fight scene in outer space, which is the greatest highlight of the feature film, was created based on this fight scene here.

[2] The G-Saviour’s shooting scene. More shooting scenes are depicted in the trailer version than the feature film. The bands and light from the beams differs from anime versions and is rather eye-catching.

[3] The G-Saviour destroyes a Bugu. Because it is made with CG, it has a realistic sense of distance and speed compared with anime direction.

[4] Moving along the wall of the settlement, the Bugu explodes. These visible demonstration movements are only shown in the trailer and not in the feature film.

[5] Having annihilated the Marchosias forces, the valiant figure of the G-Saviour floats in front of the settlement mirrors. As the unit is stationary, movement of the fins on its back is illustrated.