APPEARANCE Cyber Comix 018
RELEASE DATE 1990.04.20
PRICE 880 yen

Cindy Feller didn’t have any special feelings towards her country, she just wanted to get away from where she was for a little while. So, she applied to be a tutor (or governess) at the Zeon military’s research station. The army accepted her application and brought her to the remote location the station was in. Upon her arrival she learns of her role: to relieve the mine of a single girl. And although the officer in charge is unable to talk about it in detail because it’s classified, the girl is playing a vital role for the Zeon.

When she meets the young girl named Malila, she is astounded that she has no hair, a result of a prior accident. Cindy wastes no time in working with the child. Her first step is a present for her: a wig. The two soon grow close to one another, and one day Malila asks her why people fight. Malila says that she likes people but people are afraid of her, they’re afraid of her power. As their encounters continue, the Zeon officers are monitoring the progress and realize that any further contact with one another would be dangerous, so they decide to block Cindy from seeing Malila any further.

Cindy is distraught, begging to see the person in charge of the project. As she is talking to several soldiers, Malila appears with several scientists. Her wig is missing and she has a strange device strapped to her head. Cindy calls out to her, but she is ignored. As she stands in shock, she’s told that they’ve arranged for a ship for her to leave on. Distraught, Cindy takes off towards the hanger, searching for the child. As she stumbles onto the catwalk, she is astonished that Malila is the pilot of a massive mobile armor. As the craft exits the hangar out into space, she demands to know where an observation room is.

The massive mobile armor, the Bethlehem II, sits outside the station, awaiting orders. Malila is instructed to accelerate for thirty seconds then await further orders. As she reaches the designated point, she’s informed that a mock battle will occur against twelve units. The scientists observing the tests are astonished when she downs one of the units before it even enters into range or shows up on the radar. She manages to take down four more of the unmanned units before abnormalities appear: irregularities in her alpha brain waves and a diminishing psycho system.

Inside the cockpit Malila begins to break down, saying she hates what she’s doing as she calls out for her teacher. On the observation deck, Cindy gets a Newtype flash and wonders if it’s Malila calling out to her. Communicating with her, she asks if she can return or not. Malila is unsure. As the scientists watch, they learn that the iField is beginning to interfere with the fusion reactor and that if it continues a resonance phenomena will occur and the magnetic field will be destroyed. As they try and contact her, the reactor goes critical and explodes. Just before this happens, Cindy prays to God for the child to be back by her side. As she looks up in horror, she sees the massive fireball billowing outward from just beyond the glass.

A short time later, she is back on a ship heading back home. She’s brought along everything that belonged to Malila. As she tells the officer she wants to be left alone, she begins to break down and cry. Just then, the carry on bag next to her starts to jiggle. Opening the bag, she’s astonished to see a smiling Malila inside. Jumping out she gives the joyous Cindy a huge hug.

Cindy Feller
Malila Patrick Moran


AMS-119 Geara Doga

Bethlehem II