Walpurgis’ prologue plays out in a mobile game called “Super Gundam Royal”. While there are no animations, there is text displayed on the screen. Chapter 0 of the story plays out in two of the four stages.

Earth Federation Forces Commander: It appears that something has happened on the other side of the moon. I need you to go and verify the situation.


The game begins

Universal Century 0089. The army of giants have left and the ghosts of Zeon have been driven off. The three-way conflict of the Gryps War and Haman’s war that followed right after. Even now, after these two battles, the Earth Sphere is still remained mired in confusion and chaos.

The embers of war were in no way extinguished. As long as the victors continued to disregard the defeated, the losers of such battles would once again rise to renew the conflict.

Mankind has already shed too much blood. This accumulation of hatred was ready to explode at any given opportunity.

On this day, for example, in a sector midway between the Moon and Side 3… A “tinyl” incident was about to occur, something which could possible reignite the horrors of war in the Earth Sphere.


Federation Soldier: Nothing abnormal within radar range. Is this recon mission leading to anything?

Federation Commander: I heard that. Stow the chatter.

Federation Soldier: Ugh, Captain!

Federation Commander: This is the so-called border with the Republic of Zeon. A politically delicate sector. Focus and continue to be on the lookout.

Federation Soldier: Y-yes, sir… Huh? What’s that light?

Federation Commander: What is it? What’re you picking up?

Federation Officer: It’s… it’s a Zeon mobile suit!!

Federation Commander: What?!

Federation Officer: It’s a Neo Zeon unit! They must be planning something big if they’re going to assemble such military firepower!

Federation Commander: Still, it’s strange. They aren’t spreading any Minovsky particles, and they’re completely unguarded. It doesn’t seem as if they’re ready to start a battle… In any case, we need to find out what they’re up to. We need to conduct an immediate search. Order them to halt. If they don’t obey orders, I authorize the use of weapons.

Federation Soldier: Yes, sir!


Neo Zeon Soldier (piloting Driessen and Gaza D): The Earth Federation Space Forces! What bad timing!


Neo Zeon Soldier: Dammit! Damn them to hell!

Federation Soldier: What the…? The enemy seems strangely unmotivated… aren’t they ready to fight?

Neo Zeon Commander: The meddlesome Federation… They’re so damned annoying! We don’t have any business with you! Don’t get in our way!


Neo Zeon Commander: Dammit, we can’t lose now…! Forgive me! Get word in secret to the Red Grimoire!

Federation Commander: So, we’ve cleared this up, for the most part… no, wait. There’s still one mobile suit… something’s a bit strange…

A Gundam appears on the screen.

Federation Commander: That silhouette… is that… a Gundam…?



Federation Commander: That silhouette… is that… a Gundam…? Why is it with the Neo Zeon…?

A Gaza-D unit appears onscreen.

Federation Soldier: Bridge! The Neo Zeons are behaving strangely. They’re not even looking our way. But they seem to be in a panic. Maybe they’re chasing after something ‘valuable?’

Federation Commander: It’s just as I thought. They’re objective is that white mobile suit. But we can’t just let them pass by. Mobile Suit foces! Stop the enemy’e lead, that white one! There’s no telling what might happen. Everyone, approach carefully.


Federation Commander: Now it’s their turn to make an appearance. Don’t let them make contact with the white one!

Federation Soldier: Easy enough for you to say!

Neo Zeon Soldier (piloting Gaza D): So the Earth Federation… they’re going to interfere!


Neo Zeon Soldier: Why…

Neo Zeon Soldier (also piloting Gaza D): They’re making us hurry… we’re too busy for this shit…!


Neo Zeon Soldier: So this is it…! And we were so close…

Neo Zeon Soldier: Leave the Federation Forces to me. You use this opportunity to get to him!


Neo Zeon Soldier: I’m leaving the rest to you… take care of that traitor… Oberon!

Contact with the mysterious mobile suit.

Federation Commander: Now! Mobile Suit teams, capture the white unit!

Federation Soldier: Yes sir! Hold down those reinforcements! It’s a Gundam ! Those Neo Zeon bastards, so that’s what they were chasing. You there, mobile suit! Send out your identification signal! Declare your affiliation! We are the Earth Federation! You’re an ally, aren’t you?”

Battle with the mysterious mobile suit.

Federation Soldier: Hey! We’re on the same side!

Federation Soldier: Aaghh… huff… so it’s over…? What was he… What kind of fighting technique was that…!

Federation Commander: Mobile Suit teams, report on your situation! Have you contained the enemy?

Federation Soldier: We destroyed the backpack. I believe we can capture it… Whoa!?

Federation Soldier: He escaped! Damn him, I didn’t know he still had that kind of propulsion!

Federation Commander: After him! The Neo Zeons haven’t given up yet!

Several Gaza-D and Dreissen units arrive.

Federation Soldier: It’s a fleet! They’re not allies!

Federation Commander: So, they’re Neo Zeon reinforcements… Abort the pursuit of the unknown unit! Change course, 180 degrees. Prepare to take on the enemy fleet!


And so, on this day, a single mobile suit breached the defense line of the Federation Forces. An unidentified, white mobile suit, of unknown affiliation. As it fled, it scattered debris from its backpack, helping it disappear into the darkness of space.

What was that Gundam?
Why was it being pursued by the Neo Zeon forces?

No one in this sector yet knew that answer.

The continuing story of this incident would occur 2 days later…
The story of Walpurgis would begin with Side 2, at the Olympus colony.