APPEARANCE Cyber Comix 033
RELEASE DATE 1991.08.1
PRICE 980 yen
MANGA ARTIST Shingo Takeba


Universal Century 0081, January. Joy Crossford visits Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam in order to meet with an arms merchant by the name of Yakov. After running into some street thugs, he swiftly cuts one of their ears off before holding another at gunpoint while he asks where Yakov is. Finding him, the two head to a warehouse in the forest. On a trailer on the floor below them is a modified GM. Crossford is confused as he ordered an MS-09 Dom but Yakov tells him that his sponsor chose otherwise. As he broods over this, Yakov makes a joke about prepping a different mobile suit, so long as he has the money. Crossford tells him that he can’t wait any longer, as he starts to think back…

It was three months following the end of the war, shortly before the mop up operations on the African front. Crossford and Sharon are walking across the sand together. Their commander asks if the Guntank II tuneups are complete and Sharon replies they’re set. She’s told to go rest until evening but she blurts out that she wants to see the Anaheim-made mobile suit. As she realizes she blurted out something she shouldn’t have, their commander asks where she heard such a tale. She explains that it came from her sister in the Medea team.

The team arrive to where the suit is. Crossford is told that it’ll be used in an operation that night as its combat test. The commander quips that the suit looks completely different than a typical GM. The suit their looking at is the AX-C10 Gundam-R Type, an assault type mobile suit. It’s codename is “HF-R”. Sharon gives Crossford and kiss and tells him she’ll be watching from down below.

Inside the cockpit, Crossford starts sweating profusely for no apparent reason. He senses that something is off. As the operation gets underway, he takes out a Zaku from a distance. His teammate comments at how fine tuned the suit seems but Crossford says that it’s not as good as he thinks. Just then, the suit suddenly turns its rifle towards the GM. The pilot looks on in horror, asking the Lieutenant what is wrong with him. Just as he’s about to fire, machine gun fire from the Guntank II cuts between the two. From a distance is Sharon, questioning what the hell Joy Crossford is doing. He tries to explain that it isn’t him, that the HF-R is moving on its own. Just then, the Gundam begins to move on its own and targets the Guntank II. Crossford screams out Sharon’s name before the tank is blown apart and she is ejected from the cockpit, he body torn apart from the blast.

The story shifts back to the present. A young woman who looks an awful lot like Sharon rides up on a motorbike and asks Yakov where his guest is. He tells the girl, named Tina, that she just missed him. She’s somewhat pissed that Yakov didn’t hold him for her so she begrudgingly pays the man off. He explains that the person that was here is indeed the “Manic Devil of Africa”, Joy Crossford that she was searching for. She asks where he was headed and Yakov tells her that it’s probably the Anaheim Technical Research Institute.

As Joy speeds along on a jungle road, rain begins to fall…

Lieutenant Joy Crossford
Ensign Sharon





AX-C10 Gundam-R Type
RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type
RGM-79 GM (Swamp Combat Version)
RMV-1 Guntank II



MS-06F Zaku II