Lowering its posture, the Dom-type suit began to accelerate suddenly with its characteristic propulsive force. As it did so, another mobile suit, which could also move at high speed, launched an attack on the red suit. That suit was the Pale Rider DII, which was acting as part of a detached force. It made free use of its “Shekiner,” a hybrid special weapon that integrated a giant gatling and mega beam launcher. It’s irregular attack, composed of an intermingling of barrages from the gatling and the beam launcher, was not a direct hit, but it was sufficient to blunt the movements of the red Dom-type suit.

Due to having more maneuverability than the GM Quels, along with the attack power of the “Shekiner,” Pale Rider DII closed in on the red Dom-type suit. Though not progressing to the point of being a close fight, the two Galbaldy suits recognize the fact that the red Dom-type suit is being held at bay and finally demonstrate their true ability. Of the two Galbaldy suits, the one that is mainly blue had the exterior of its legs removed, thus exposing large thrusters. Using the huge amount of propulsive force from the thrusters, it overwhelms the movements of the GM Quel. The GM Quel was unable to react to the movements stringing together large jumps and rapid changes in direction in midair, and due to the volleys of beam machine gun blasts, it was rendered immobile.

Meanwhile, the green-painted Galbaldy suit fired the beam rifle in its right hand. The GM Quel was able to dodge that attack; however, it was unable to react to the next attack, a shield attack in which a large shield is held out in front and one is rushed at with a large amount of propulsive thrust. Having been hit with the massive shield, Lieutenant Elias, who was sitting in the cockpit, had his head heavily jolted. Thanks to the auto balancer, the GM Quel somehow avoided being overturned. At that moment, Lieutenant Elias, whose vision was still blurred, could see that a large beam saber was being thrust out. However, immediately after that, the suit was pierced by the saber, and the GM Quel was blown to pieces.

In the blink of an eye, the two GM Quels were defeated. Having witnessed this situation, the pilot of the seemingly superior Pale Rider DII realized that he was being cornered. In these overwhelmingly unfavorable circumstances, the desire to fight had diminished. The Pale Rider DII lowered the muzzle of the Shekiner and exhibited movements indicating that it was withdrawing from the battle front.

Still in a position that showed no intention of attacking, the Pale Rider DII makes a big jump backwards. At that moment, a large caliber beam rifle attacks the Zeon mobile suits from long distance.

The movements of Pale Rider DII served as a diversion to attract attention so that the surprise attack of its comrade would succeed.

The pilot’s reaction to the attack was a bit slow, so the green Galbaldy suit was heavily damaged, though the pilot didn’t die. Without missing this moment, the Pale Rider DII positions the Shekiner and fires the gatling and the beam launcher simultaneously. The Dom-type and Galbaldy suits, already in an alert formation, narrowly dodged the Pale Rider’s attack. Subsequently, a second long-distance attack assailed the two suits. However, the pilots of the Dom-type and the Gabaldy’s, who were thought to be veterans, were able to dodge the second wave of attacks and were moving on to their next mode of action.

The blue Galbaldy, while firing needle missiles, begins its pursuit of the Pale Rider DII, who had initiated withdrawal maneuvers so as not to be caught up in the beam cannon attacks. The Shekiner was successfully destroyed. Meanwhile, heading toward the direction from which the long-distance beam rifle was fired, the Dom-type suit utilizes its hover function and starts moving at a tremendous speed.

The Galbaldy throws its shield at the Pale Rider DII, which had lost its balance. The Pale Rider DII, with its Shekiner destroyed, was initiating a counterattack mode with a beam rifle equipped at its waist, but it loses its balance the moment it is struck by the huge mass of the shield. In an instant, the Galbaldy unleashed its beam saber and severs both arms of the Pale Rider DII. The Pale Rider DII was rendered unable to battle.

Assuming that GM Sniper II needed time to replenish its energy for the next round of firing, the Dom-type suit approached with full thruster output. With the red craft traveling at such a great speed, one couldn’t help but be reminded of the Red Comet. The GM Sniper II fired its third shot as it was being approached within a very narrow distance. Right in front of it, the shock wave from the impact of a large beam spread out. The intense flash knocked the monitor out. With reliable feedback, the pilot mumbles without thinking.

“Did I get him?”

The moment he thought this, the Dom-type suit’s heat saber was thrust into GM Sniper II’s head.

The Dom-type suit fires its beam bazooka in response to the beam cannons being shot from GM Sniper’s front, and in that instant, fled from the line of fire and was able to bring down the GM Sniper II.

The Galbaldy a receives a transmission from the Dom-type suit.

“Ricardo, I’ve taken care of this. Rampaging as we have, the Titans will send more troops here. The color of the Captain’s suit stands out, so everyone will be gunning for me. By the way, I’ve used all of my propellant, so I can’t move. Can you please come get me?”

“Roger that! By the way, Andy, how is the performance of the improved Dowas?”

“Compared to the Dom, it has greater maneuverability. Although we brought third generation luna titanium alloy from Axis, but the data from this battle will also be useful, so I will send it over.”

Around the same time, at a private spaceport belonging to Anaheim Electronics, away from Granada, a launch had arrived. A young man with blond hair and wearing sunglasses disembarked. In one hand, he carried an attaché case containing a sample of a certain type of armor material made far away on Axis. He arrived at the port at the referral of an old Earth Federation Forces general Blex Forer, who he became acquainted with the other day. This armor material could have a great impact on the subsequent development of mobile suits…