機動戦士Zガンダム ジェリド出撃命令

Story: Hiroshi Yamaguchi & Studio Hard
Original Plan: Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino

Publisher: Keibunsha (Later Bandai Bunko)
Serialization: —-
Release Period: 1987.06
Compilation: 1 Volume


Originally a game book released by Keibunsha in 1987, it was later re-released from Bandai in 1989. The Bandai version differs slightly in some regards to the original, namely with MS model numbers but is considered to be the definitive version. The main character is Jerid Messa and chronicles his time as a Titans cadet. The story is lighter than other game books but the content offers a high degree of freedom. It is famous for its large number of original mecha that appear in it.


A 23 year old Jerid is undergoing training as a cadet pilot in order to become a trainee under the Titans. Together with Emma and Kacricon, they do nothing but train aboard the Graf Zeppelin, a hovering aircraft carrier of the Titans Training Academy. However, during an unexpected inspection by Titans leader Bask, information comes in that the Federation Forces Backlund base in Alaska has been taken over by terrorists.

The base is also an experimental facility which is a transceiver for solar energy in conjunction with the military satellite Kerberos. It had been converted into an impregnable and dangerous fortress due to the beam cannon utilizing the vast energy. In order to safely recapture it, it is first necessary to destroy the wave catcher that receives the energy. The most efficent way to execute that was to infiltrate with a single unit. Bask designates Jerid, who had shown outstanding results, to be the agent of this solo mission.

Thus, Jerid was ordered to destroy three wave catchers installed on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula within 24 hours. Landing, Jerid utilizes leftover Federation material, succeeds in cooperating with the local Inuit and crushes the enemy units deployed along the peninsula one by one, ultimately succeeding in the destruction of the wave catchers. Although her turns around to recapture the base, he ends up fighting against a Gelgoog Commander Type and a Gundam Copy Type, piloted by a Cyber Newtype crafted with a true copy of Amuro and Char’s combat abilities.

Despite defeating them, a beam cannon appears from the wall of the dome and he falls into a desperate and dangerous situation. With the arrival of Emma and Kacricon, he is able to escape successfully. The ringleader of the terrorists failed scheme sends out their trump card, the massive mobile suit Dura. The machine, with its product development from the Big Zam, boasts terrible firepower as the reinforcement squadron that was rushing in and theri mothership were sunk in an instant.

In order to protect the Graf Zeppelin which narrowly avoided a direct hit, Jerid and the others charge into their final battle. With the Dura destroyed, Jerid and the others mission is over. Prior to his landing back at the ship, Jerid does a victory roll to the many cheers of his comrades. Approving of their achievements, Bask admits them to the Titans with a rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. UC0087.01.12. The trio are appointed as test pilots of the Gundam MK-II.



Jerid Messa
Emma Sheen
Kacricon Cacooler
Superior Seaman Tom Cruising


Captain Novotny




Earth Federation Forces/Titans
Schwarzer Adler

ORX-003 Domingo
Graf Zeppelin (No relation to the 0080 ship of the same name)

MAX-11 Dura (also known as MAX-07 Dura)

Overall Height: 68.3m
Base Weight: 685.7t
Attitude Control Verniers:
 Normally 4 (However 1 person is capable of piloting it)
 high output beam cannon x 3, small caliber anti-air lasers x 5, close combat beam sabers x 2

A mobile suit constructed by the former Principality of Zeon with the same concept as the Big Zam. By analyzing the defeat of the Big Zam, they have a weapon for close combat. Originally it was created as a mobile battery. Just before the end of the war, it was destroyed by the Zeon Forces, however…

MS-87D Nashorn

Armament: heat hawk, hyper rifle

MS-06MH Marine Hi-Zack
MS-09F2 Dom Blizzard Type
RGM-79-R Gundam Copy Type
MAN-07B Grublo
RGC-80 GM Cannon
RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta
MS-17B Galbaldy
RMS-106 Hi-Zack
MS-14S Gelgoog
MS-14A Gelgoog

Dodai Kai
Fa 223 Drache
White Base II
C-130 Flying Container
FF-3 Saberfish

Zaku Tanker