「RX-106E ハイザック[ヴァナルガンド] 」

Affiliation: Titans
Pilot: Rossweisse


Developed at the Oakland Labs, the Vanargand is an enhanced Hi-Zack customized for the Cyber Newtype Rossweisse. As modifications were made to the entire body, its appearance no longer resembles what it was modeled after. Technology the Titans independently developed has been invested throughout. Various parts have added thrusters and boosters, including the flexible boosters extending to the left and right from the backpack. Although it has obtained overwhelmingly high mobility, the physical burden to the pilot is tremendous so a cyber newtype can only pilot it. Furthermore, by equipping it with a high-output thruster and propellant tank, it is possible for short-term movement and hovering in the air. The unit is also equipped with a psycho wave control device.


Red denotes portions still utilized. Blue means parts were dismantled. Green reflects new parts. Systems utilized by the Hazel and the TR series can be seen here and there.

  • The base is the Hazel’s backpack.
  • Flexible Booster (Similar to the Hazel’s T booster)
  • Similar to the Advance Hazel’s sniper goggles
  • Remove the skirt (rear) and equip with boosters (like the Kampfer)

The head and body. The green portions denote new parts. On the head section, custom parts “cover” the normal ones.

An E-PAC holder has been equipped on the exterior of the shield (denoted in green).

The beam rifle is a portable weapon. Based on the MK-II’s rifle, the barrel and stock has been extended. Furthermore, the MK-II’s hyper bazooka has been shortened and fastened to the bottom of the barrel.