New Gundam Manga Coming

The October issue of Gundam Ace teased a new Gundam manga that’ll be starting in the November issue out on September 26th.

Story: Harutoshi Fukui (Mobile Suit Gundam UC)
Manga: Takayuki Kosai (Legend of the Universal Century Heroes: Fabulous Shin Matsunaga)
Mecha Design: Ippei Gyoubu (Gundam Reconguista in G, Iron Blooded Orphans)

The tagline on the image reads: “The hidden face of the Universal Century, projected by the light of the moon.

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4 Responses to “New Gundam Manga Coming”

  1. Wahid S says:

    there are many raw gundam manga in, if you do’nt mind what about translate one or two.

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