ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第3巻リリース!

敗者たちの栄光 3

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A dummy operation saying the Taurus mobile suits would be launched into space at the New Edwards base draws the Gundams in. Quatre, Trowa and WuFei attack the base. OZ’s supreme commander, Treize, on the other hand takes the opportunity to initiate Operation Pleiades. It’s purpose is the dissolution of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. As the gathering Alliance moderates plan their escape, Heero in his Wing Gundam arrives…

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9 Responses to “ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第3巻リリース!”

  1. abusuzuki says:

    I hope you can post the raw, thanks.

  2. DrakoDarko says:

    For some reason I can’t download volume 3 – it shows the message “File Removed for Violation.” =(
    Maybe you could upload it to some other hosting if it’s not too much trouble?

    • deackychu says:

      I’m currently working with MediaFire to restore the file. Unfortunately, the folks who made a claim against it failed to inform MediaFire of their retraction of copyright infringement and therefore it’s still suspended. I contacted MediaFire and they told me that unless they receive a copy of the email from them directly the file stays suspended.

      • DrakoDarko says:

        I hope the issue gets resolved after all (though it does sound complicated, to me at least). I’d love to see the tankoubon version of volume 3.
        And thank you for such great quality of scanlations! It’s a real feast for any Gundam fan =)

      • mousetopher says:

        The file’s still coming up as missing/invalid. Reup please? 🙂

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  4. secretninja2021 says:

    hello. i have a question and i am hard pressed in finding a way to contact you (@deackychu) directly so i will ask it here. i am currently in the process of writing a Gundam Wing fanfiction that is going to attempt to somewhat bridge the gap between between the events after Endless and a few years before the events of Gundam Wing Frozen Tear Drop takes place (about a ten year span), i saw the translation from the prelude part of the Frozen Tear Drop manga (led from the link on the Gundam Wikia page) and would like to know if i could use the translation word for word as part of the beginning of the prelude to my story. i would put in a disclaimer about the translation not being anything i originally came up with as well as giving credit as to where i got the translation from. this story will be my first one ever posted on Fanfiction.net. thanks, i apologize in advance for leaving such a lengthy comment here. i appreciate the work you all are doing with these translations.

  5. asakura89 says:

    Could you put up torrent for this? The mediafile is gone.

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