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Iron Mustang

For those wondering where this series disappeared to, I am caught up with it (sans this month of course), but I’m choosing to wait until the first volume comes out on May 26th before I release any more.


Translation by: Deacon Blues Release for: Standard Update Well, seeing as I just got my Gundam Ace yesterday, this is probably the fastest release… then again, it took me 5 minutes to do since there’s maybe 3 pages of dialogue if that. All in all, this was a HUGE disappointment and I’m getting sick of […]


MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED GUNDAM ACE COMIC PREVIEW Artist: Juu Ishiguchi Original Work: Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino Cooperation: Sunrise Translation: Deacon Blues The Earth Alliance forces launch their nuclear attack on the PLANTs with a sneaky diversionary attack by hiding amongst wreckage in a debris belt! The opposing ZAFT forces are powerless to watch […]

Gundam SEED Comic

I’ve created a database entry for the latest comic version of Gundam SEED.

Database Updates

The following updates have been made to the database: – Mobile Suit Gundam Ixab–Goddess of the Fallen Soldiers – Mobile Suit Gundam Climax UC –The Woven Web of the Bloodline–


I’ve updated the characters page as well as the mechanics with appropriate lineart and model number information =) Here’s some more concept art from the series:

Database Updates

Continuing my quest for only the most accurate information (I’m looking at you, Wikia. Suck it!), I have data pages for the MS Battlefield Record and MS GENERATION manga as well as a split-off for the Traitor to Destiny series. The space arc has been reclassified under the title: The Traitor to Destiny: Blue Wings […]

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

I’ve created a database entry for this series. You can find an outline, a summary of the first chapter as well as character and mecha information. If anyone knows a place that I can purchase Big Comic Superior from, please let me know =)

A Word About MangaFox & Aggregators

Howdy all, Over the years a vast majority of our releases have ended up on manga sites on the net. I really have to stress that our releases should not be put up on those sites. Whenever we do batch releases or tankouban editions there are numerous corrections to old translations as well as grammatical […]


Lantis reports that the television anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Age will have a drama cd on sale June 6th for 3,000 yen. Details on the drama indicate that it is an official sidestory that complements the television series. The drama will focus on the characters relationships of each generation. The content will be original […]

Database Update

In accordance with our latest Crossbone release, I’ve updated the database to reflect a change in information. We have new characters, faction headings as well as an update on some mechanics backgrounds.


MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST CHAPTER.04 ANGEL CALL Editing: Martin Wandering Having escaped the enemy on the spaceship Manzana Flor, Font is screened to become a member of the team. Just as they’re heading to a briefing room, a broadcast is received from Tetenith Dogatie, head of the Jupiter Foundation. The ominous “Angel Call” was […]

Upcoming Gundam Titles

MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST VOL.01 Yuuichi Hasegawa Release Date: 2012.05.26 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC FRAGMENTS OF STARLIGHT Takashi Morita Release Date: 2012.05.26 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -FIRST EVOLUTION- VOL.02 Hiyon Katsuragi Release Date: 2012.05.26 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -SECOND EVOLUTION- VOL.01 Bau Release Date: 2012.03.26 MOBILE SUIT Z GUNDAM DEFINE VOL.02 Hiroyuki Kitazume Release […]


NEW MOBILE WAR REPORT GUNDAM W ENDLESS WALTZ THE GLORY OF LOSERS CHAPTER.17 Translation by: Deacon Blues Release for: Standard Update Wrapping up the latest in backlogged releases, the current chapter of The Glory of Losers replaces the missile arc with a slightly more climactic “fire zee missiles!” “but i’m le tired…” “so take a […]


MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST CHAPTER.03 MESSENGER FROM THOUCUS Editing: Martin Wandering Special Thanks: bilbros Curtis goes to battle with the mysterious envoy from Jupiter. However, he’s having difficulty fighting an enemy he’s not familiar with! After having trained to recognize certain enemy mobile suits via audio feedback, the Crossbone Gundam has nothing on the […]

War After the War Page

I’ve created a database entry for the “Episode.0” novel for Gundam Unicorn. You can view it here. I’ll have MS specs translated from the book at a later date.


I’m finalizing the final portions of Crossbone Ghost, but I’m (once again) having issues with phrasing some things. They are: ZANSCARE: 「われらの仲間ではないのか?」 JACK: 「ああ・・・それなら・・・コロニーの外でバラバラだ」 They shoot at him. JACK: 「ビビッてだんまり決め込んでんなら後回しにするつもりだったんだがな」 I’m… Stumped on Jacks lines. Yeah, he cut a guy in half shortly before his ‘outside the colony’ line but. My brain is fried otherwise. […]

Gundam UC PS3 Game

Guess what’ll be shipping soon! 😀 If all goes well, we just MAY translate that small novel!


NEW MOBILE WAR REPORT GUNDAM W ENDLESS WALTZ THE GLORY OF LOSERS CHAPTER.16 Translation by: Deacon Blues Release for: Delayed March Gundam Ace The semi-latest Gundam Wing chapter takes it’s furthest divergence from the original series to date. General Septem activates one of the Alliance satellites in Earth orbit to rain down missiles in an […]

Gundam Unicorn Soundtrack 3

Amazon Japan is showing a listing for the third soundtrack for Gundam Unicorn, slated for a May 16th release. The release will contain two discs. No word on a tracklisting yet. Disc 1 will be entirely new while Disc 2 is a recording of a symphonic event held in October of 2011.