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Hi guys, Unfortunately I have a bit of bad news to report. It seems that somehow some dickwad managed to get a hold of my debit card and started making purchases through iTunes with it. I’m disputing the transactions and have since deactivated my card, so it looks like Gundam Ace won’t be arriving any […]


MOBILE SUIT UC HARDGRAPH IRON MUSTANG CHAPTER.02 THE SETUP Manga by: Masato Natsumoto Translation by: Deacon Blues Editing by: Martin Wandering Universal Century 0079.08.25: CPO Cuaran and PO 2nd Class Tia Frostel are sent into a neighboring town to retrieve an abandoned container from Zeon’s drop operation. However, as Cuaran chats with the barkeep in […]

Iron Mustang Section Updates

In preparation for our release, I’ve updated the section of the site with some new information. I’ve added new characters, mechanics, summaries, and a timeline.


PLOT INFORMATION The battle heads into a new era. Flit’s son Asemu Asuno. He inherits the Gundam from his father and takes a stand against an overwhelming enemy, Weigand. Amidst the increasingly violent battle, will the camaraderie, the lives of the young ones fleetingly disappear? Chapter 2 of the Gundam story continues. Veigans: A new […]

Gundam Age Music Page

I’ve created a page listing under the music tab for the Gundam Age series. Right now I only have a translated tracklisting up for the first soundtrack. I’ll do the singles at another time.


EPISODE.18 GRADUATION CEREMONY COMBAT: Asem and Zeheart welcome their graduation together. However, an attack by Weigand changes the situation completely and the colony falls into chaos. The battle between the Federation Forces and Weigand turns violent and Asemu again pilots the Gundam. EPISODE.19 ASEMU’S DEPARTURE: Asemu enlists in the Federation Forces. There, he meets many […]

2012: The Year of Zeonic?

In light of our recent rapid release period, perhaps our 8th year in this business will be our most productive one. Barring the Iron Mustang release, all of our projects are just about up to date, which is certainly a feat and a half for yours truly. Amazing! Now to add 5 more projects, drop […]


NEW MOBILE WAR REPORT GUNDAM W ENDLESS WALTZ THE GLORY OF LOSERS CHAPTER.14-15 Translation by: Deacon Blues Editing by: Martin Wandering Operation Pleiades, whose objective is to completely dissolve the United Earth Sphere Alliance in one swift move. With the Alliance Forces Chiefs of Staff gathered at the New Edwards base on the west coast […]


MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE –Four Degrees of Reminiscence–* Manga by: Hiroshi Nakanishi PLOT OUTLINE: The space pirates “Visidian” took advantage of the war and expanded their power. One day one of it’s members, Wivik, was ordered to come up with a strategy to obtain the “treasure” the space pirates were always in search of. Wivik […]

Char’s Deleted Affair [Volume.10]

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM CHAR’S DELETED AFFAIR VOLUME.10 Story & Art by: Hiroyuki Kitazume Translation: Deacon Blues Edit: Martin Wandering Char senses danger for the independence alliance and heads out in a former Black Tri-Stars Zaku. During the battle, Haman channels the pilots’ consciousnesses, leading to confusion in her heart. Meanwhile, back at Axis Commander Heinz […]

Project Updates

As a reminder, you can always check our twitter account for random project updates (and you can even tweet me to ask the status of some!) if you’re curious! 😀


MOBILE SUIT COLLECTION COMIC SECRET FORMULA FA-100S FULL ARMOR HYAKU SHIKI KAI ACT.1 Real AEUG Manga by: Shingo Takeba Translation by: Deacon Blues Scans Courtesy: balofo Following the Dakar declaration, there was a sudden change in the Federation on it’s standpoint towards the AEUG and the Titans. At the lunar surface industrial city of Epsilon, […]


MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST CHAPTER.02 FLIGHT Manga by: Yuuichi Hasegawa Special Thanks: Outsourced Editors Font, Curtis and Belle take shelter in an underground room of the former Zabi residence. Here, Curtis bargins with Font. We learn that a member of Serpiente Tacon managed to obtain information on Zanscare’s invasion plan and it’s part of […]

Crossbone Ghost Section Updated

I’ve updated this particular portion of the website with the latest information available from the chapter. This includes a chapter summary and updated mechanics list. Updates to Iron Mustang to follow.

Gundam Age Info Dump

EPISODE.16 GUNDAM IN THE STABLE Flit Asuno’s son Asem. The colony he lives on is suddenly attacked one day by a mysterious enemy. EPISODE.17 FRIENDSHIP, LOVE AND MOBILE SUITS Asem and his friends enjoy school life. One day, a mysterious transfer student named Zeheart shows up. Asem’s school uniform. Zeheart is a mysterious young man […]

Happy New Year!

No, I’m not making another list of hopefuls 😛