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November Gundam Ace Details

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE –FIRST EVOLUTION– We’re treated to a preview installment of the new Gundam Age mange titled “First Evolution”. The manga is by Katsuragi Hiyon. So far there is really nothing special to report, but the first installment will be 80 pages long starting next month. I’ll have preview images up in the […]

Gundam Age Info

COLONY DESTROYER: A gigantic weapon used by the Gafran when the space colony Nora was attacked. It has the power to inflict lethal damage to a colony. UE mobile suit types generally have internalized weaponry it’s thought to be an exceptional strategic weapon.

Gundam Kestrel info

Translated material for the Gundam Kestrel appearing in “The Traitor to Destiny” is located here in the database. EDIT: Profile revamped with more information!

An Important Message

Hello everyone. I’m going to take a moment to reflect on something that has happened in my community recently which has struck a very deep chord with me. Last week, on September 18th, a young 14-year-old boy committed suicide because he was bullied at school for being gay. His name was Jamey Rodemeyer. This came […]

Gundam Age Opening Theme

Sony Music Japan is reporting that the main theme song to Gundam Age will be by Galileo Galilei called “Toward Tomorrow” (Asu e). The single will be released December 17th but from November 2nd onward fans are able to download it via ChakuUta. This is the sixth single for Galileo Galilei. You can view a preview […]

Frozen Teardrop Info

– This month is Chapter 13. “Nocturne of Sorrow III” – Trowa (original) and Catherine migrated to Mars in the beginning of summer MC-0014. – Around MC-0016 the Martian Federation had deployed Mars Suit, so taking advantage of this Trowa and Catherine started to volunteer for the eradication of war. – Aware of the two, […]

Latest Gundam AGE information!

We’ve got a slew of information to deliver this month! Here’s the latest from Gundam Ace! Episode summaries and a new character! Check it out! I’ve ported the summaries over to our info page too!   Yurin Leciel (Le Ciel?) A young girl living on Nora. She’s saved by Flit during her escape from an […]

Gundam Age Pages

On our database page I’ve finally ported over links to the Gundam Age series as well as Treasure Star. I’ve also added mecha specs to the Gafran, Genoace and Genoace Custom.

Mobile Suit Gundam Age [Episode.01] Script Sample

This little tidbit of info broke recently surrounding Gundam Age, so I though I’d translate it all for you: 機動戦士ガンダムAGE 第一話 「救世主ガンダム」 (アバン) 〇コロニーオーヴァン・住宅街 (夜) 燃え盛る町。 UEのモビルスーツ『ガフラン』が町をハンドバルカンのような武器で攻撃している。その姿はまるで邪悪な怪物が町を襲っているかのよう。 x    x    x (フラッシュ画面転換) アスノ家の屋敷が倒壊している。いたるところで炎が燃えている。炎に顔を照らされながらおびえた表情をしている7歳のフリット。 フリット 「あ・・・あ」 x    x    x (フラッシュ画面転換) フリットの母マリナが柱の下敷きなっていて動けない。 その横に涙を流しながら座っているフリット。 まわりは炎が広がっており、その場に居続けるのは危険という状況。 フリット 「母さん・・・母さん・・・」 マリナ 「フリット・・・これを・・・」 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE Episode.01 “Savior Gundam” (Before the Credits) COLONY ORVAN – RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT (EVENING) The […]

“The Hero Within You” TV Size Lyrics

For those wondering, here are the lyrics to the ending theme from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Click for preview. Radio DJ: では、今週はこの曲からお送りします。「機動戦士ガンダムAGE」エンディングテーマ。栗林みな実で「君の中の英雄」。   零れ落ちた涙が 今日も星になり、静かに見守っている 次の時代へ受け継がれていく 宇宙(そら)をそっと抱きしめた 終わらない痛みの奥で 動き出す儚い希望は 往くべき道を、示し導いている koboreochita namida ga kyou mo hoshi ni nari shizukani mimamotteiru tsugi no jidai e ukenagareteiku sora wo sotto dakishimeta owaranai itami no oku de ugokidasu […]

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Treasure Star Info

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE TREASURE STAR STORY Daiki is lead to meet the mobile suit Gundam by words left behind by his father: “grand wings”. So he sets off on an adventure into the great unknown of outer space. CHARACTERS Daiki Ryuuzaki: Main character who yearns for adventure in outer space. He pilots the Gundam […]

User Deletion

Just an FYI for those of you trying to log into the website: all user accounts were purged. For some reason within the past week, we’ve received 150 new accounts, and it was impossible to tell who was real and who was fake. Ergo, all were purged. I’m looking into an addon to determine human […]

Char’s Deleted Affair Volume.09

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM CHAR’S DELETED AFFAIR VOLUME.09 Story & Art by: Hiroyuki Mikimoto Translation: Deacon Blues Edit: Martin Wandering Following their assistance in dealing with the Federation Forces’ assault on a Zeon relay base, Char and the others arrive at the Republic of Zeon. However, during their time away the diehards’ activity intensifies at Axis […]


Anyone out there study Latin in school? Is universitas est amo visum ut pondero in speculum A verus vultus est in ceterus pars Could you tell me what that says? It’s relevant to one of our projects…

New 15-second Gundam Age Trailer

There’s a new trailer out featuring a snippet of the ED theme “The Hero in You” by Minami Kuribayashi. You can watch the video below:

新ガンダム漫画 — New Gundam Manga

In the latest issue of Gundam Ace, there is a full page spread tantalizing fans with yet another project from Yuuichi Hasegawa (of Crossbone Gundam fame). It reads as follows: 長谷川裕一 新ガンダム漫画 ガンダムエースにて始動!! (予定) Translation: Yuuichi Hasegawa New Gundam Manga Beginning in Gundam Ace!! (Planned) To back this up, a Twitter post by “Keppel Club” […]

Gundam’s Latest Diva is Minami Kuribayashi!

The songstress will perform the ending theme song for the latest incarnation in the Gundam universe: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The song titled “The Hero In You” will go on sale November 9th. 「栗林みな実」!「機動戦士ガンダムAGE」EDテーマ「君の中の英雄」11月9日発売!