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AOZ 2 Update

I’ve added some new character biographies to the “Traitor to Destiny” section. You’ll find biographies (with photos) for Gisele Albert, Ethelbert Hincapie, and Ewen Bader. I’ll be working backwards to get the others done at some point in the future, but for now this will do.

The Roar of Iron Horses

In the October issue of Gundam Ace (that I’m still missing), Masato Natsumoto’s latest work has been announced. Tentatively titled “The Roar of Iron Horses” (鉄馬の咆哮), it’s set to illustrate the world of U.C. HARD GRAPH. Universal Century 0079.03.18 – The Zeon Forces invade Earth–staging the third drop operation!! With shells flying on the battlefield, […]

Gundam Ace: On Hold

This month’s Gundam Ace will be put on hold, so I won’t have the Gundam Age preview manga to share with all of you or the latest installment of Z Gundam Define. This issue comes with a Gundam the Origin bust so it’s much more costly to ship, thus a $53 order just isn’t in […]

Project Updates!

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ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第1巻リリース!

THE GLORY OF LOSERS VOL.1 敗者たちの栄光 1 EPISODES: 01-06 PAGES: 178 RELEASED: 2011.08.16 DOWNLOAD: click here The year: After Colony 195. The Earth Sphere Alliance rules the outlying colonies with an iron fist. The only hope for the colonies: five elite soldiers and their legendary mobile suits called Gundams. From the Gundam Wing universe, a […]

GUNDAM AGE: Latest Info

■ MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE TREASURE STAR New Serialization Begins in the October 2011 Issue of Corocoro! September 2011 Issue Manga “Mobile Suit Gundam Age Treasure Star” New Serialization Preview Artist: Masanori Yoshida A young boy who dreamt of outer space comes across a mobile suit. Now, together with Corocoro a Gundam legend starts up! […]