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Deacky Goes Full Time! Project Updates!

Howdy all! I just wanted to pass along some great news! I’ve recently accepted a full-time position at my job and will be starting within the next couple of weeks. My schedule is going to be set in stone for once, but the sad part is I’ll be on graveyard (12:00am-8:30am) so this will take […]

Amazon Japan Order

Howdy everyone. I placed the Amazon Japan order (ugh shipping costs). There are a couple things that had to get cut due to out of stocks as well as horrible shipping expenditures. I guess we’ll have to pick them up next time. This order (including Gundam Ace) ran just over $150, which is the ate […]

Glory of Losers Update

So I’m sure some of you are wondering where the Glory of Losers release is seeing that it passed through Phase-1 of the QC. Well, I’m trying something new with a release… something that is probably highly unnecessary and all, but I’m quite satisfied with this project thus far and want to take it one […]

Gundam Age Update

If you check out our Gundam Age page, you’ll see a few character and mecha updates. =)

Paypal Donate Button desu!

Hey all! A loyal fan to the site pointed out that I didn’t have a donate button on the side anymore… which I pretty much forgot in my haste of revamping the site many a moon ago. Therefore! I’ve tweaked the layout to include one! This should make donating for people easier =) A huge […]