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Char’s Deleted Affair DDL Collection

Since /m/ was bitching about not being able to find the previous versions of our work, I’ve decided to upload them to Mediafire for those who want direct downloads. Volume.01 Volume.02 Volume.03 Volume.04 Volume.05

Zeta Gundam Define *UPDATE*

I’ve added Z Gundam Define (ZGD) to our Database page with some prelim stuff from the first chapter. Expect the translated version to be out as soon as it goes through QC. =) Until then! Ah hell, it’s complete. Here’s the specs! 😛 MOBILE SUIT Z GUNDAM DEFINE STRUCT 01 Translation: Deacon Blues Photoshop: Deacon […]

Char’s Deleted Affair 3x The Release!

Yes, that’s right! We’ve got a HUGE release to bring to you folks just in time for our 7 year anniversary! *applauds* As most of you are aware, we’ve been sitting on Char’s Deleted Affair for almost a year now. Yeah, that’s all about to change. These three volumes were done over the span of […]

3x the Speed, 3x the Material

Hi gang! Over the past three weeks, we here at Zeonic have completed three volumes for a series that’s been stalled for almost a year. In fact, when we release the three volumes this week it’ll be nearly a year since anyone has heard from them. So, I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve been […]

Gundam the ORIGIN: Animated

MONTHLY GUNDAM ACE AUGUST 2011 ISSUE MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN ANIMATION PROJECT BEGINS! Coinciding with the final chapter of Gundam the Origin in the commemorative issue of Gundam Ace, an anime project has finally been announced! The latest information will be presented in the magazine in subsequent issues! The Chief Gundam Officer, Uchida, notes […]

Char’s Deleted Affair [DATA SECTION]

Head on over to our database page where I’ve finally gotten around to compiling a section for Char’s Deleted Affair. I’ve pretty much listed all of the characters and mechanics that appear in the series. I’ll have the timeline up at some point in the future.

Gundam AGE: Minor Update

I’ve updated our data page to reflect the official spellings of the characters names.

Update and Updates! [Editor-san-tachi’s!]

Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news. Good news is we are going to have a back-to-back release here at Zeonic within the next week or so, the bad news: server yet again. MasterCard didn’t send me a new credit card since mine expired back in April. This is going to be interesting. […]

User Registration

User Registration is now open. Please keep it clean when posting folks, stay on the topic of the post. This isn’t a forum after all =)


機動戦士ガンダムAGE MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE You can view the data page here. Boasting overwhelming strength, A new gundam comes alive, boasting overwhelming strength, and self-evolution through combat before the mysterious enemy “UE”. Now, the curtain opens on a ____ and magestic Gundam story that spans 100 years and three generations.

Gundam AGE Translated Information

Here’s the latest information from the next Gundam series from the CoroCoro magazine release: PLOT Piloting a Gundam to fight to defend the Earth! Suffering an attack from the sudden appearance of the enemy “UE”, Frite completes the “Gundam” together with technological developers of the Federation Forces. With the power to become strong while fighting, […]

The Traitor to Destiny

In Episode 8 of “The Traitor to Destiny”, the GM Kai Wagtail was shot down by a Marasai piloted by Ernest. This month, with the exception of the shoulder and leg portions of the Wagtail Unit, most of the parts have been replaced thus giving birth to a new machine! Check out the MSK-003 Wagtail […]

Gundam the Origin [Section IV]

Just keep moving along… nothing of importance to see here. Trying a new way of doing things out here. We’ll see how long this format lasts before people start bitching about something 🙂 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN SECTION.IV Encounters in Space Story & Art by: Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Assist: MASATO Mechanic Design: Kunio Okawara The […]