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What Could This Be?

In light of recent news, I just though I’d leave this here for all of you to enjoy =) Until next time?   Zizagging flashes of light catch her attention. A panic stricken face of confusion overcomes her as a Rick Dom is torn apart by an explosion. “THOMAS!!” she screams as a Zaku and […]

[Gundam|News] A Return and Ramblings

For those of you that remember, I opted to make an attempt at continuing with Gundam related news in lieu of Gunota’s absence. Well that lasted for a little bit before dying in a horrible flaming ball of “I told you so’s” and what not. Well, I’ve seen a lot of complaints around the net […]

We’re Still Here? WTF?

Yeah… tell me about it. First off, no… it wasn’t an April Fools joke. It appears that my wonderful host decided to just charge my credit card when I had it set for the hosting to expire. I’m not too happy about that because I’m now out $38 on my card. :/ So, it looks […]