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State of the Scanlations Address

Tonight, I want to begin by thanking everyone who visits this website and continues to support our releases by downloading, passing them along to others, seeding, etc. And as I mark this day, I’m also mindful that I have a lot of promises to keep to this year, and I hope that all of you […]

Endless Waltz: 敗者たちの栄光 「堕天使の翼」編

A bit late with this considering I’ve been sitting on it for quite a while (sadly). Here’s the continuing adventures of Gundam Wing in manga form without anything added! Huzzah! Well, they’re reincorporating some Episode Zero material, but that’s about it. You can download the torrent here. New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz: Glory […]


For those of you that wonder how I organize things here, I did a MS-DOS tree directory of the project folder! Happy gawking (yes, there is something in every folder)! Amazing!