[Info] Mobile Suit Gundam: Missing Link Info

Just the first part so far:


A unit formed as a sort of private army. In exchange for erasing charges, a high ranking Federation Forces officer (a hardliner within the Revil faction) selects a series of specialists from individuals awaiting the death penalty as criminals. Their commander is known as “Grave,” however no one knows who they really are. They usually follow orders as an experimental mobile suit corps, but when orders come down they swiftly jump into action as “Wraith”.

CV: Keiji Fujiwara

Codename: Fixer
Age: 39
Rank: Lieutenant JG

Commander of Wraith. He is extremely capable as a commander though pretends not to be. He has a deep trust from his rag-tag subordinates.
CV: Kenji Nojima

Codename: Ripper
Age: 20
Rank: Petty Officer First Class

Arrested and charged with killing a superior officer. Although the youngest, his mobile suit handling and unrefined sense of hand-to-hand combat is exceptional.

CV: Taketora

Codename: Bomber
Age: 35
Rank: Ensign

A demolition artist who is an expert in bombing and explosions. The details of his inclusion in Wraith is unknown.

CV: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

Codename: Taxi
Age: 23
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class

An expert with all kinds of vehicles. He was imprisoned after being falsely accused of killing an ally by a superior officer. He is also a mechanic.

CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

Codename: Diver
Age: 24
Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Hacking expert. Imprisoned after doling out military secrets. She is Wraith’s intel gatherer and operator.



機動戦士ガンダムクロスボーン・ガンダム ゴースト 2

Manga: Yuuichi Hasegawa
Original Work:
Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino
Design Cooperation:
Hajime Katoki

Chapter.05: A Long Look Back or Did Something Happen in Outer Space?
Is the Butterfly Flying?
Gathering on the Lunar Surface
Chapter.08: A Four-Way Struggle
Chapter.09: V Gundam vs Crossbone Gundam

Universal Century 0153 - Font Baud, who was swept up in the conflict surrounding Angel Call, is taken in by the space pirates known as the Crossbone Vanguard. However, aiming for Angel Call is a bizarre mobile suit corps code name Thoucus, who begin to make their move. Zanscare Forces and the League Militiare make their appearaces as well and the battlefield turns into a four way struggle! 

RELEASE DATE: 2013.09.04



A black unicorn chases Banagher! A resolute Audrey escapes! Where is she headed?!

[Download Link Here]
Release Date: 08.27.2013


I did a quick/extremely dry run through of the final manuscript version of the DOME-G presentation. I still need to edit some of the wonky translations, but it’ll do for now. I’ll add the pre-release version at a later date as some of the points changed considerably from that version to the final one. Until then, you can view it here.

[DATABASE] – Across the Sky

The manga series “Gundam U.C.0094 Across the Sky” has been updated with a character list and partially expanded mechanics section. The only profile I have up at the moment is the RGM-89D Jegan. More to come.

[RAMBLING] – A Presentation on Translation

The recent discussion over fans (and my own) qualms about the Vertical translation/editing of Gundam the Origin has spurred me to dive back into a linguistic presentation I gave my senior year of college. Oddly (and ironically) enough, I chose to give this presentation in my senior Japanese class, so talking about translation in a translation was quite a conundrum! :P I’ll summarize what I said in that presentation:

Translation consists of producing in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source language message. First with respect to meaning and second with respect to style. A common misconception exists that translation is an automatic process and that there is a simple word-for-word correspondence between any two languages. Translation is more than replacing a word with its equivalent in another language. Sentences and ideas must be manipulated to flow with the same coherence as those in the source document so that the translation reads as though it originated in the target language.

So what goes on in terms of a translation strategy? Some argue that translating is a process with features such as the literal rendering of meaning, adherence to form, and emphasis on general accuracy. This is certainly true of what translators do most of the time, however there are times when translation requires much refinement and how it betrays a strongly prescriptive attitude.

To begin the translation process, one must first analyze the source language text. It starts from reading the source language text and understanding the linguistic and extra-linguistic elements of it. Language analysis has various levels: sentence levels (subject-verb agreement), clauses, phrases, words, etc. Understanding the levels is key to understanding the text.

Next is transfer meaning. A translator transfers the context, meaning and message of the source to the target language. As I mentioned before, translation is not a literal transfer of meaning from one text to another, a translator must strive to do more than render literal meaning. Rendering literal meaning, as some say, means that the spirit has been lost. However, this goes into the translators voice, which will be addressed later.

One of the final phases is restructuring. Restructuring is changing the transferring process to the suitable stylistic form of receptor language, whether it be reader or listener. It indicates that a translator must pay attention to kinds of language to determine a suitable language style.

The technical aspect, as I explained, is an analysis of the source language and target languages. judgments of semantic and syntactic approximations are made to follow an organizational procedure. There is a constant reevaluation of the translation as well as a communicative effectiveness. In other words, does the translation effectively convey in the target language what the source language said? With that, there are eight argumentative points that can be said about translation:

1. A translation must reproduce the words of the source language.

2. A translation must reproduce the meaning of the source language.

3. A translation should read like an original.

4. A translation should read like a translation.

5. A translation should retain the style of the source language.

6. A translation should mirror the style of the source language.

7. In a translation, a translator must never add or leave out anything.

8. In a translation, a translator may, if need be, add or leave out something.

Without delving into all of these separately, you can see the varying points people have regarding translation. The final two points listed above are the relative “hot button” issues that people have regarding translation. They fall under fidelity and transparency when talking about translation. I’ll discuss these two points and then backtrack to points three and four.

Fidelity and transparency are two qualities that have been regarded as ideals to be striven for in translation, particularly literary translation. These two ideals are often at odds. Fidelity refers to the extent that a translation accurately portrays the meaning of the source language.  This also means that it does not add to nor subtract from it, does not intensify or weaken any part of it nor does it distort it. Transparency pertains to the extent to which a translation appears to a native speaker of the target language to have originally been written in that language, and conforms to the language’s grammatical, syntactic and idiomatic conventions. A translation that meets the first criterion is said to be a “faithful translation”; a translation that meets the second criterion, an “idiomatic translation.” The two qualities are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Literal and free translation, on the other hand, are two basic skills of translation.

Literal translation refers to keeping the original message form, including construction of sentence, meaning of the original words, and metaphor of the original and so on. In other words, the translation would be fluent and easy to comprehend by target language readers. Literal translation is also known as “formal equivalence.”

Free translation refers to the meaning of the original, without paying attention to the details. The translation would also be more fluent and natural. Free translation need not pay attention to the form of the original, including construction of the original sentences, meaning of the original works, metaphor of the original and so on. However, free translation does not mean to delete or add content to the original and translators must consider the original carefully, know its stress, translate it naturally, and express the meaning of the original. Free translation is a skill which translators must know the culture of both source language and target language, and must have extensive knowledge.

 Literal translation and free translation are two different ways in phrase translation. An excellent translation may combine these two kinds. Both content and style are separately linked in any text, and success in translation means dealing creatively with both of these aspects of communication.

All of this, ultimately, boils down to the translator’s voice. The first thing to realize is that translators have their own way that they approach translations and they each bring with them a completely different set of experiences and ideas which will affect their translation in the end. But it’s important to realize that just because translators will translate things differently does not necessarily make one more “right” or more “wrong” than any other translation. Once translators recognize that they have their own voice, they need to try and minimize the effect that voice has on the finished product. They shouldn’t sacrifice the integrity of the translation just because their voice comes through in the translation. Instead they should use their experiences to help them come up with the best translation possible.

Above all, the translator is portrayed as being both a reader and a writer of the source text, or as creating a new text that takes on a life of its own. Translation is seen as a creative and interpretive act. Once they minimalize their voice, their translation is said to be true to the original.

Overall, language is not a perfect medium, and it is not transparent. At some point in our lives everyone has to learn to translate. I say something to you. You do not understand. I must reword it, rework it–translate it, in a sense. Translation can be a simple thing when we understand what the translation is.

“If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.”
– Rene Magritte

[Database] – One of Seventy Two

The latest incarnation in the Gundam Unicorn world has been added to the database. You can view information on “One of Seventy Two” here.

[Digital] – Gundam Unicorn

For those wondering:

Kadokawa Shoten’s Gundam novels and comics come to the BOOK☆WALKER e-publishing platform beginning August 26th!

BOOK☆WALKER features over 38,000 titles from publishers including Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan, and more, all readable on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Leading off the Gundam releases will be volumes 1–8 of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC comics adaption Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bande Desinee. The digital version goes live August 26th, with preorders open July 26th.

It will be followed by Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY The Edge, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Re:, and other hit titles.

I’m going to see if it’s possible to download these for our group. I’m not sure how big the scans will be (probably 725 x 1050) to see if I can catch us up quick on the series. I have it done, just not in… adequate scan quality.




A thin cloud stretches across the sky. What lies at the head? A black Unicorn that possesses overwhelming power. What will become of Banagher?

[Download Link Here]
Release Date: 07.27.2013


Today not only marks the 237th year since the signing of the Declaration of Independence but also the 9th year since the founding of Zeonic|Scanlations. Except back then, we were Zeonic-Corps… that upstart struggling Gundam group that was trying to drum up support for our fledgling group by taking on two major projects that fans craved: Gundam Sentinel and Crossbone Gundam. What followed would be the biggest emo and drama-fest I’ve ever seen in my entire life on the net. Sadly, part of that still continues to this day. Nonetheless, it’s a time to celebrate!

I honestly thought I’d be done with this a couple years ago when I graduated college. I’d wipe my hands clean of things and then do my own thing. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Fans continued to bitch about unfinished projects, I felt guilty about not finishing them and so here I am today still chugging away for all of eternity because no one else wants to or they can’t translate properly. I still have many big things planned in my head that I’d love to one day give to the fans, I just hope that one day they can be realized (Gundam 0083 dramas and the G-Saviour ones being one of those dreams).

Nonetheless, I still continue along my path of Gundam fandom translating and critiquing. I never imagined that I’d start my own database to compete with the Gundam Wiki simply because people made too many things up. I still have the goal in my head to start my own Gundam Project/Gundam.com type of site. Maybe one day when I finish the site redesign we’ll be there and be an even more formidable force for the Gundam community.

Anyways, that’s all I had to say. To the many friends I’ve made over the years, thank you for your help! To the staff that tirelessly worked on my projects: I’m still indebted. To the fans who continue to donate to see these projects come to light: you are what keep me going. Don’t ever give up. Without you I don’t even bother.

Thank you all. Let’s see how much longer I can keep the light burning.

Deacon Blues
Administrator and Translator

[RELEASE] – Gundam 0083 Rebellion


In anticipation of our 9th anniversary on July 4th, here’s one of the latest Gundam works to come out of Japan! My favorite, a manga adaptation of Gundam 0083! You can check out the database entry here.


Release Date: 2013.06.26
Download Location: Mediafire

[RENEWAL] – Server Costs

Hi all,

Our server bill is due on Saturday and I won’t have enough to cover it. If we had just 8 people donate $5 a piece it would be covered. Can anyone help spare a penny or two? :D?

ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第4巻リリース!


Release Date: 2013.06.17
Download Location: Mediafire

For a group of colony citizens, the destructive operation codenamed “Operation Meteor” against the secret organization OZ ended in failure. The Gundam pilots are now isolated from the world. As such, OZ’s Lady Une orders Zechs to continue pursuing the Gundams. Meanwhile, at the Saint Gabriel Institute, Relena appears before Heero, who had been hiding himself there following the death of Vice Foreign Minister Darlian…

[RELEASES] – Anticipated Sequence

Since many people have wondered about our release schedule, here is the listing for how things will be done from us:

MSV-R: Fabulous Shin Matsunaga [Volume.01]
Glory of Losers [Volume.04]

Iron Mustang [Volume.02]
Char’s Deleted Affair [Volume. 11]
Crossbone Ghost [Volume.02]
Char’s Deleted Affair [Volume.12]
Char’s Deleted Affair [Volume.13
Char's Deleted Affair [Volume.14]
Special Surprise?!
Crossbone Ghost [Volume.03]
Crossbone Ghost [Volume.04]
Thunderbolt [Volume.02] (tentative unless I find scans… scanning it was hell last time)

Then again, I could be a dick and release things backwards! Yes, CDA was “finished” by us some time ago, but I have no idea how people got scans of it. I sent it to one person and they must have propagated it elsewhere. Interesting.



There was once a man called the White Wolf of Solomon. A man who was even said to be the right hand man of Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi, the commander of the Principality of Zeon’s Space Assault Force. The year 0079 of the Universal Century was a year painted with death and destruction, all in the name of Zeon’s war for independence. So how did that man live through those times? This is the story that traces his paths…

Release Date: 06.04.2013


As Gundam Ace prepares to celebrate its twelfth year, so shall we! Here’s the latest Gundam novel to come out of Japan! Part 1 of 6 (one part uploaded daily!)



“It’s about that time.”

Cain Ragnard announced to his comrades from inside the cockpit of his humanoid weapon known as a mobile suit. His personal unit: the RGM-79SP GM Sniper II. Opening his visor’s helmet, he covers his nose with a single-hole type face mask. Displayed on the hemisphere-like monitor in front of him is a Musai-class battleship belonging to Zeon remnants, who are now synonymous with terrorists. Their ship is nothing but a small speck against the dark backdrop of scattered stars. Despite moving slowly due to inertia, the Musai was “suspended” so to speak in this vast void of space. Distance to target: 92 kilometers. Although there was no need to worry about being caught on the enemy radar due to Minovsky Particle dispersal, even if there were people on board with a telephoto lens they still would not be able to confirm their presence.

Cain belongs to a special forces unit of the Earth Federation Forces known as “Shadows.” His machine is based on the colors charcoal gray and black. This was done in part to give it the exact color of a stone drifting in space. With its slim appearance and overall height of 18 meters, its size fits perfectly as a large stone. If they’re used under gravity, it can conceal itself on top of stones.

“Guess you’re right.”

He heard Lieutenant JG Zalf Wakken say over the wireless. Although Cain is a Lieutenant, he acts as a subordinate, yet doesn’t scold them for not speaking properly at a senior officer. This isn’t because he is being lenient, it’s because they were friends before enlisting.

Gripping each of the control sticks in his hand, Cain readied his long-range sniping weapon: the GM Sniper II’s L-9 beam rifle. The sixteen meter rifle was firmly held by manipulators that people called “hands”. As if understanding Cain’s intentions, the machines head visor, where the scope is located, automatically drops down. Cain’s field of vision changes to snipe mode, a 180 panoramic monitor. A circle appears in the center of the monitor and the other sections black out. The reticle provides targeting within the circle and the cross-hairs capture the profile of the Musai displayed on the scope by using the zoom function.

Cain slowly and steadily turned the muzzle, running it up the dark green hull of the ship. A slope extends from the rear of the thick ellipsoid body connecting the bridge which houses the command deck. Hanging from either side below the bridge is a semi-cylindrical like thermonuclear rocket. Due to its unique shape, there are those in the Federation Forces that sarcastically refer to the Musai as a “playground slide”.


Information on the latest One Year War manga installment is now up. You can view it here.


Both sections have been live for a while but I’ve updated them with the latest information. You can view Destiny Astray B here and Destiny Astray R here.

[Novel] – Mobile Suit Gundam The Blazing Shadow

The latest Gundam novel installment has been added to the database. You can view it here.



The Shamblo begins its attack on the city of Dakar. That’s really all that needs to be said. :D Back chapters will be released in the future.

RELEASE DATE: 2013.02.27