Over the years my Gundam collection has steadily grown. I’ve been on a quest to try and locate older Gundam material from the formative years of Gundam and provide fans in the community an insight into works that will never, ever see the light of day in English much less the Japanese side again. Periodically, I update random entries on the database listing with a somewhat comprehensive summary for the entry in particular. Some of them I haven’t been able to update any more since I have had trouble tracking down future volumes things were serialized in. Nonetheless, I’d like to highlight some of the stranger entries in the Gundam universe:

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 Sidestory: Burn Stormer -Wandering Lambs-
Mobile Suit Gundam Saigon 0081
Top Gundam
MS Senki Sidestory: Born to be wild again ~Soldiers of Fortune Again~
Mobile Suit Gundam Sidestory Craft Folk (newest addition)

I’ll eventually be getting around to adding scans and translations of some of the short chapters (such as Craft Folk for example). They’re quirky stories and some of them I wish would’ve been fleshed out more (like Saigon 0081).

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