The Story Thus Far:

In order to unify the Earth, the Romefeller Foundation creates a “New OZ” through its main forces of Virgo mobile dolls. In spite of Treize and Lady Une’s absense from the “New OZ”, Operation Nova is carried out. The mobile dolls are sent to Earth to expand their territorial control. Zechs (Milliardo) who headed into outer space aboard the space equipped Tallgeese F in order to stop this, destroyed the 4th MD drop force.


The power, hidden in the Proto Zero, is exposed. The Proto Zero’s rampage! Has Heero been swallowed by the Zero System?!

Released: 2014.06.13

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7 Responses to “GLORY OF LOSERS.44”

  1. kurochan917 says:

    Many many thanks for the release!!

  2. kurochan917 says:

    Sorry for the double post since I can’t edit my first comment, but I thought you already released volume 4? Oh well, thanks for the share none the less.

  3. SeiYuusha says:

    many many thanks for this awesome release… 🙂

    my apologies, but, will you still do the chapters before this ? 28-43 to be exact ?

  4. Vinnems says:

    Thanks for posting this! Honestly, I don’t understand the immense hate Wing gets. I enjoyed the series and I especially enjoy this retelling of the series. Certain changes, such as Heero leading to the death of Relena’s father and Trowa joining OZ earlier, make better sense than what happened in the series. Thank you for translating.
    Is this the latest chapter released in Japan? Seems like a big jump from where the series last left off.

  5. VyseLegendaire says:

    You skipped 18 episodes? NOOOOOOO!!!

    Also Im kind of confused how the synopsis you posted correlates to the manga here? Sounds like its about Frozen Teardrop not EW??

  6. deackychu says:

    No, no… I’ll be caught up for our anniversary release. I just started working backwards to catch up… relax!

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