Well, yesterday marked our 8th year here at Zeonic. Honestly I don’t know how or why I’m still here doing this stuff. It’s amazing how far we have promised to come yet where we really stand. I sorta made a decision when I was out for a bike ride today, and that is that we will probably wrap things up at the ten year mark. I think a decade of working on Gundam material is plenty, but that’s just me. So, let’s see what we can set out to accomplish by the 2014 deadline, shall we? 🙂

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  1. If we’re gonna wrap it up for good, in two more years or whenever, can we be sure to finish CDA in that time? Whatever else happens, if we don’t pull that together, who will?

    • denbo786 says:

      I’m with Martin on finishing C.D.A. for a start, then U.C. HARDGRAPH and possibly start Gundam AGE Memories of Sid/ finish MAD WANG. Pretty Please.

  2. deackychu says:

    *scratches butt* CDA has been finished for a while… I’m just too damn lazy to photoshop it ~_~

  3. BAMF says:

    Hey guys, just checking in on you. Seems my account to post here keeps getting deleted, probably for inactivity. I’m pretty well out of the fan translating scene now so every now and then I catch a whiff of nostalgia and poke around my old stomping grounds. Congrats on making it another year, BJ. I know how close this place has come to not existing anymore over the years but I do also know that despite the struggles you encounter, you truly do enjoy this work and that’s why you’re still here. God knows the 0079 project had a few periods of dips in production when I decided I wanted to take a break and my anal-retentiveness prevented me from simply recruiting others to help.

    I’m working for Electronic Arts video games these days and I thoroughly enjoy my job. Think I may have finally found a career. Would rather work for Activision, but I don’t have the resources to move to California to do so. Anyhow, we hired a girl a few months back who was a huge Gundam nerd and she wore it all on her sleeve. I’m talking a red hoodie with the Zeon crest, same thing with her handbag, Char+Haman wallpaper at her station. She couldn’t handle answering the phones so she dipped out after about a week, but in the few discussions I had with her she mentioned really enjoying CDA but expressed frustration with the “scanlators that are working on it probably won’t finish.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I could get her all of your autographs if I wanted to. Mainly because I knew I’d be asked questions I could not answer about why CDA wasn’t fully released.

    Seems like yesterday I was bitching at people left and right here to do QCs on 0079 episodes for me so I could do the rest of the post-prod work and get ’em released. Really miss those days, I had a lot of fun doing that show despite how I may have let on sometimes. And we’ve eclipsed 40,000 unique downloads on it now by my tally, something that doesn’t really mean anything to anyone other than myself because we were competing with the 20,000+ downloads Destiny got and the slightly more downloads that new 00 episodes were getting at the time. Nice to see the one that started it all get the download totals it rightly deserved. One last question, anyone get the R1 set that Bandai released subbed? Really interested in seeing if they scooped my scripts for that, because I know some of their SEED dub was verbatim lifted from my work with Kraze back in the day. Either that or their writers have hacked into my cyberbrain.


    The artist formerly known as BAMF

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