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[DATABASE] – Manga Added

Gundam Ace breathes more life into the already stagnant Crossbone Gundam series. With the premiere of Episode 0, the regular serialization of the latest series of Crossbone Gundam begins in the September issue. The struggle of soldiers drawn on a stage of an as yet unseen era as the Universal Century faces its end. Many […]

[DATABASE] – Manga Update

Gundam Ace is celebrating 15 years this month and to commemorate this, a new Gundam manga has started being serialized. Coupled with the Mobile Suit Discovery expositions that have been gracing the pages of the magazine for the past year, the spinoff series entitled “Cucuruz Doan’s Island” kicked off with its first chapter entitled “Black Enemy.” […]


CHAPTERS: 11-16 PAGES: 188 RELEASED: 2016.06.11 DOWNLOAD: click here One month has passed since the battle with Space Eye. The GX is attacked by the Decsem, a new model mobile suit developed by Rick’s father, Berg Aller. A black shadow also looms over his rival, Kai… The third volume in the Gundam X sequel series! […]


CHAPTERS: 09-12 PAGES: 187 RELEASED: 2016.06.05 DOWNLOAD: click here Having ended his conversation with Amuro while horseback riding, Char returns to the Neo Zeon headquarters accompanied by Quess. Char is astonished by Quess’ high Newtype abilities and has her climb aboard the prototype mobile armor known as the Alpha Azieru! [VOLUME.01] | [VOLUME.02]


CHAPTERS: 05-08 PAGES: 197 RELEASED: 2016.06.03 DOWNLOAD: click here Amuro is unable to stand a chance against Char’s Nightingale with either the Re-GZ or the Jegan. Yet, from beneath such a defeated Amuro, Beltorchika appears along with the Nu Gundam. The true depiction of Char’s Counterattack in comic form as penned by Yoshiyuki Tomino! [VOLUME.01]