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機動戦士ガンダム C.D.A 若き彗星の肖像 (11) FILES: 50-54 PAGES: 169 RELEASED: 2016.04.24 DOWNLOAD: click here A strong gap of the heart has formed between Char and Haman from something so trivial. On their final night after having decided to make a hasty return to Axis because of an urgent message, Char and Natalie finally bond. Meanwhile, the […]

ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第9巻リリース!

THE GLORY OF LOSERS VOL.9 EPISODES: 50-55 PAGES: 178 RELEASED: 2016.04.23 DOWNLOAD: click here Dorothy from the Romefeller Foundation enrolls at Relena’s Peacecraft Academy. Just what is her intention? Meanwhile, Treize completes the Epyon and decides on a certain individual he will entrust it to…

ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第8巻リリース!

THE GLORY OF LOSERS VOL.8 EPISODES: 44-49 PAGES: 178 RELEASED: 2016.04.03 DOWNLOAD: click here Having seen Relena’s appearance within Heero, Quatre is determined to return to the Earth with him. Meanwhile, Duo has a fateful encounter with one of OZ’s volunteer soldiers named Hilde…