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BELTORCHIKA CHILDREN VOL.01 CHAPTERS: 01-04 PAGES: 185 RELEASED: 2016.01.28 DOWNLOAD: click here Amuro Ray and Char Aznable. In the beginning, they fought as mutual enemies, then together as comrades. However, in U.C.0093, they were about to meet for a third time. Released in 1988 by Yoshiyuki Tomino as a novel, Beltorchika Children has finally been […]

GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT VOL.6 EPISODES: 44-52 PAGES: 229 RELEASED: 2016.01.27 DOWNLOAD: click here The Federation Forces vs the Zeon remnants in a frigid struggle to the death! In order to recover the Reuse P. Device, the Federation Forces deploy Io with the new Gundam Atlas. But, they’re attacked by Zeon’s powerful underwater mobile suits! What becomes […]

GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT VOL.5 EPISODES: 38-43 PAGES: 218 RELEASED: 2016.01.25 DOWNLOAD: click here A new battlefield! The Atlas Gundam descends to Earth! The year is Universal Century 0080. Io and Daryl’s fate carries over to Earth. Plus, the fear of a third force, the South Seas Alliance! What is the outcome of their fate?! Complete collection […]