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A manga adaptation of the Advance of Zeta sidestory has started in the January 2013 issue of Dengeki Daioh. I picked up a copy of it, browsed through it and was very pleased to see that it is in line with the novelization. I enjoyed reading the novel and it’s off shoot, Mace of Judgment. […]

Update Mk-II

Hi all, I finally got my laptop repaired and it’s better than ever (hooray for tearing it apart and cleaning everything!). Right now my life is in complete disarray. I recently started a seasonal job with Best Buy because I was waiting for feedback from interviews and what not and I was recently called with […]

Project Update

Hi all, Just a little update of sorts in why I don’t have any of my projects out just yet. Last month I moved to Albuquerque to “restart” my life if you would. I was miserable and depressed back home in the Buffalo area, so with the convincing of friends here in the area, I […]