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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Comicalization

Riding high with the HD Remaster of the hit animated series, the latest news from Gundam Ace indicates that there will be yet another manga adaptation starting in the next issue of Gundam Ace. This marks the third or fourth incarnation (if memory serves me) of the series in manga form following versions such as […]

Gundam Ace: Ordered

I’ve put an order in for Gundam Ace (March and April) issues today as I received my new card yesterday. Hopefully they’ll be here by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week so we can get to work again. Aside from that, after reading the latest information on Frozen Teardrop, I think we’re officially going to […]

Ghostly Woes

Okay, here’s my dilemma. I’m still waiting on my new debit card so I can purchase Gundam Ace and what not, but I’ve translated Crossbone Ghost and Iron Mustang based on scans in the meantime. Nonetheless, I’m having a major issue with Ghost. For those of you who may recall, we translated a name in […]

All Projects Suspended

Hi gang, Well, it seems that my lovely credit union forgot to order my new debit card, so I’m without a means to pay for anything at the moment. Therefore, I’m officially suspending all projects until I get my new card. *shakes fist* Oh how I wish places took Paypal so I could order things. […]

Subbing Editor/Staff Needed

Hello all, I’m looking to reach out to any of the groups that handled Gundam subs over the years to help me with something that’s been shelved for quite some time. While our print form projects have been rather each to work around, this particular item is a bit different to work with, and I’d […]