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The Traitor to Destiny

List of updates: CHARACTERS Lucien Bendt Volker Merckx Avey Alva Souichi Obino Cristian Kirk WEAPONS Mobile Fortress Matabiri SUMMARY Prelude ← SPECIAL TEST PAGE! Chapter.16 Since the section is getting quite large, I’m contemplating moving the summaries and what not to their own pages.

FWIW: Crossbone Ghost Can Suck It!

I really hate Hasegawa’s writing! Argh! As someone who studied the language without being able to go to Japan, the colloquialisms are really annoying to try and figure out! Blargh! *shakes fist* Damn Japanese! This thing is gonna have more holes for dialogue than swiss cheese!

Upcoming Publications

Sneaker Bunko MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE [1] –STAND UP— Author: Ukyou Kodachi Original Work: Yajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino Cover Illustration: Kenichi Onuki & Internal Illustrations: kurogin Release Date: 2012.02.01 Kadokawa Comics A MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -FIRST EVOLUTION- Vol.1 Manga by: Katsuragi Hiyon Release Date: 2012.01.26

ENDLESS WALTZ 敗者たちの栄光 第2巻リリース!

THE GLORY OF LOSERS VOL.2 敗者たちの栄光 2 EPISODES: 07-13 PAGES: 162 RELEASED: 2011.12.26 DOWNLOAD: click here Centuries in the future, in the year After Colony 195, Earth is surrounded by orbiting space colonies. The colonists are cruelly oppressed by the Earth Alliance, which uses huge humanoid fighting machines called “mobile suits” to control the populace. […]

Yasuo Ohtagaki to Illustrate Gundam Manga

There was an advertisement in Big Comic Superior recently that Yasuo Ohtagaki’s Moonlight Mile series would be going on hiatus so that yet another incarnation of the One Year War could debut. The series is scheduled to start in the March 2012 issue. No word on the title yet. I just have to say… SCHWEET! […]

Merry Christmas!

Zeonic|Scanlations would like to wish all of our loyal fans a very Merry Christmas. Here’s to hoping that Santa Claus has been good to you all this year! 😀 The Glory of Losers should break sometime within the next couple of days following Christmas (depending on when I can get it to Martin) and then […]

PS3 [Mobile Suit Gundam UC] 03.08.12 Release!

03.08.12 PS3: Mobile Suit Gundam UC 5,040 yen 03.08.12 PS3: Mobile Suit Gundam UC Special Edition 7,980 yen Special Edition Features are as follows: – Game Software – Blu-Ray “Mobile Suit Gundam UC Collector’s Disc” * Special Digest of Episodes 1-3 * Digest Footage up to The Ghost of Laplace and Staff/Cast Interview archives * […]


MOBILE SUIT UC HARDGRAPH IRON MUSTANG CHAPTER.01 HE WHO RIDES ON THE BATTLEFIELD Manga by: Masato Natsumoto Editing by: Martin Wandering Universal Century 0079.08.12: Chief Petty Officer Cuaran learns another team has run into some trouble on one of their missions and the Federation has captured a Zaku!! Commander Cameron instructs Cuaran’s team to mobilize […]


MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST CHAPTER.01 THE SILVER GHOST Manga by: Yuuichi Hasegawa Special Thanks: iron2000 and 2NA Fish Seventeen years ago, the Crossbone Gundam was lost in the fight against the remnants of the Jupiter Empire in the “Thunderbolt of Zeus” operation. Now, the mysterious mobile suit walks again on the streets of Side […]

Translation Assistance

Howdy all, I’m having a spot of trouble with the Crossbone Gundam Ghost manga. I’m having difficulty wrapping my brain around a particular page in the chapter. Mind you I’m fully aware of what they’re saying in Japanese, it’s just phrasing it in coherent English that’s posing a problem. Everything else in this chapter is […]