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There’s a School in the Sky…

And so it begins… Thirdly, the unfinished/unpublished titles. What is going to happen to them? To be honest: it’s out of our hands now. The licenses belong to the original Japanese creators, so it’s up to them what to do with the series. They might pull the plug on some series, or find another publishing […]

Ring of Gundam — Original Story

A staff member of ours is planning on breaking this at ACEN this year for a special focal point of his Gundam panel, but I’m going to break the information here for all of you. A while ago there was an article published in Gundam Ace talking about the original plans that Tomino wanted to […]

Kokoro x Gundam Project Starts!

Not too much info on this but net chatter speculates as to whether this is a pre-serialization to a new television series. I doubt it, but who knows. Details forthcoming in the July issue of the magazine that comes out June 15th.

New Data Pages Mk-II

For today’s update, I’ve created pages for STAMPEDE –The Story of Professor Minovsky– as well as Gundam X ~Under the Moonlight~. You can find them in the manga section of the Database.

New Data Pages

In my sleepless boredom from the overnight shifts this week, I’ve managed to construct some new data pages for the website. I’m put up the basic info pages for the 08th MS Team and High-Streamer novel series. The 08th MS Team pages is essentially complete and probably won’t be fleshed out any more than what […]

Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel

I’ve added an information page on École du Ciel to our database, for those that are interested. The series has recently picked back up in Japan, so it gave me an excuse to work on that particular portion of the website again 🙂 The story is definitely heating up! I wonder if it’ll be ending […]