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Just dropping by to slap up our planned cover art for the novel release: Remember, you can head on over to our “RELEASES” section to read the prologue of this exciting edition to the Gundam W franchise! I apologize (not really) for taking so long with this, but it’s turning into a labor of love […]

Gundam Wiki: Battle of the CopyPasta!

I was poking around the Gundam Wiki for some odd reason when I started noticing some of the odd titles that we have logged in our database. Granted, what we have here isn’t much… mainly just some information that I scrounged up on the fly and what not just to explain some base points to […]

The Traitor to Destiny Manga Short

Chiming in with a rather odd release with no real value, I present to the masses the Advance of Zeta: The Traitor to Destiny manga short that ran in this months Gundam Ace. Enjoy. GALLERY LINK

Advance of Z: The Traitor to Destiny

I’ve overhauled this section of the site, adding some character information, mechanics and a summary for the first tankoubon of the series. Chapter summaries will follow in the near future. And, as you can see, I’ve also created a logo for the series. It’s not the best, but I guess it mimics the style you’d […]

March Expiration

Howdy all, No, this isn’t a request for donations. It’s merely an announcement. Given that we’ve been toddling along for nearly seven years now, it’s time to say farewell to the domain that is Zeonic|Scanlations. No, the group isn’t disappearing, but the website is turning off its lights and locking the door. We’ve received many […]