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“No, we’re totally doing it this year, I promise.”

Thanks, Knolly 😀 Greetings and Happy New Year, denizens of Zeonic|Scanlations! As promised, I’m here to outline what we’re going to be doing for the 2011 scanlation year. This is kind of a haphazard plan that came to mine while I was sitting on the can the other day (kidding, of course), but I’m certain […]


Visitors to the site may have noticed that it said our domain was “expired” this morning. For some reason, my hosting provider had a glitch in their system that told me it didn’t expire until 9/2011. Well, a phone call or two later the issue was resolved, so we’re back up and running. Thank you […]


Merry Christmas from Zeonic|Scanlations

I just wanted to take the time to say Merry Christmas to all of our loyal visitors out there. As the year comes to a close and I look back on the year, I have some regrets in terms of what we’ve done. We had a lot of potential that went to waste, yet towards […]

Kristine Elezaj

Yes, I’m taking up valuable blogspace by shamelessly promoting an artist that I absolutely love. For those of you that are searching for some new music, I’d like to suggest Kristine Elezaj. She’s a relatively new artist to hit the scene and she has a lot of talent and spunk that clearly blows away all […]

The Tale of Boosted Humans MAD WANG 1160

So in a strange departure from our typical Gundam manga fest, I’ve decided to cave into the bitching demands of 4chan’s /m/ and give them what they’ve been asking for since they found out about it via me two years ago: the mysterious MAD WANG 1160 manga. Originally serialized in MS Saga, MAD WANG 1160 […]

So I Tweeted Kunio Okawara… [UPDATED]

In regards to that rumor of the new Gundam announcement next March, I decided to ask Mr. Okawara himself for a little bit more information… he gave a similar response, but speculated something a bit more concrete? @mydogcopelove 大河原さん、アメリカから今晩は。無理だけど、来年のガンダム発表についてもう少し詳細な情報がほしいです。お願いします。宇宙世紀?未来世紀? 新ガンダムか?英語のガンダムコミュニティーは興奮でざわめいている。お返事、待ってます。どうもありがとうorz @zeonicscans 御免なさい。守秘義務が有りまして、、、。宇宙世紀? “I’m sorry. I can’t talk about it but… Universal Century, perhaps?” \o/ He […]

Gundam Unicorn Bande Dessinee

In conjunction with the Glory of the Defeated manga, we’ve released Acts 6 through 10 of the Gundam Unicorn manga series, effectively bringing us up to speed on this manga series. I’m working on the compilation volume as this is being posted. There will be new translations in it, so be sure to add it […]

Endless Waltz: Glory of the Defeated

I’ve batch torrented the first two chapters of this manga series. It’s a retelling of the Gundam Wing series with a tie-in to the Frozen Teardrop novel series. What do I mean? Well, in Chapter.02, Heero calls the (now) white Leo that Zechs is piloting a “Greif”, which is the name the Leo’s were called […]

Website Revamping

As many of you will notice, this is a new layout. We’ve kept the previous layout for so, so long and after growing frustrated with a proper formatting system for the database, I decided to try out a new one. Believe me when I say finding a layout was difficult. Given the way I organize […]