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New Gundam Manga Coming

The October issue of Gundam Ace teased a new Gundam manga that’ll be starting in the November issue out on September 26th. Story: Harutoshi Fukui (Mobile Suit Gundam UC) Manga: Takayuki Kosai (Legend of the Universal Century Heroes: Fabulous Shin Matsunaga) Mecha Design: Ippei Gyoubu (Gundam Reconguista in G, Iron Blooded Orphans) The tagline on the image reads: “The […]

[New Manga] – September Gundam Ace Details

機動戦士ガンダム ヴァルプルギス Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis GUNDAM ACE 15TH ANNIVERSARY x GUNDAM GAMES 30TH ANNIVERSARY WORK SERIALIZATION BEGINS IN THE NEXT ISSUE!! Manga by Hiyon Katsuragi (Mobile Suit Gundam U.C.0096 Last Sun) Scenario by Reiji Kaitou (Unbreakable Machine-Doll – MF Bunko) Masahiro Oaks: A high school student from the Side 2 colony of “Olympus”. He […]

TWILIGHT AXIS NEWS updated with some screenshots for the latest clip of Twilight Axis. With that came a release for the Gundam Fan Club’s advance showings of the mini episodes: #1 …… 2017.06.23 #2 …… 2017.07.07 #3 …… 2017.07.21 #4 …… 2017.08.04 #5 …… 2017.08.18 #6 …… 2017.09.01 Granted, this is for the Gundam Fan Club only with […]


In providing some lineart and background material to MAHQ for Iron Blooded Orphans, someone asked me to look at some of the articles contained in the Mechanical Works book. So, I’ll start working on some of them in between projects that I have going on. Here’s one of them from the book: BACKGROUND OF THE […]


This post will be updated as more scans come out or once I acquire the issue in a couple days! GROUND ZERO –RISE FROM THE ASHES– Courtesy of a Chinese blog (urusai_zs), we have some mechanic samples from this particular manga serialization. [ZAKU MODEL NUMBER NOT SHOWN ON SCAN] MODEL NUMBER NA AFFILIATION Principality of […]


MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM TWILIGHT AXIS #1 FREE DELIVERY STARTING JUNE 23RD! #2 ONWARD TO BE BI-WEEKLY EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION ON GUNDAM FAN CLUB! The latest preview for the anime version of Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis has debuted today! The anime will be a short animation in six installments. Shorts 1-5 will be about 3 minutes […]


The first of two previews for the newest serialization coming to Gundam Ace! Database entry has also been created here. Stay tuned for more!


2017年 速報 2017 NEWSFLASH   GUNDAM ACE HUGE NEW SERIALIZATION PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT!! 新連載 第1弾 NEW SERIALIZATION #1 GUNDAM ACE 15 YEARS + GUNDAM GAMES 30 YEARS JOINT PROJECT! SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN!! Gundam Ace announces a joint project with Bandai Namco Entertainment that is celebrating 30 years of Gundam Games with the latest project for their 15th anniversary! […]


A new Gundam sidestory novel called “Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis” begins serialization in October on the new Yatate Bunko website. Ark Performance will be heading up this manga in terms of story composition and design cooperation. The author will be Kojiro Nakamura. Database entry has been created here. SUMMARY: Universal Century 0096. Several months […]

[Rumor & News] – Gundam Thunderbolt Anime Incoming?

It’s no surprise that Gundam Thunderbolt has become a highly successful manga series in Japan, selling over one million copies as of Volume 4. The level of detail in the comic has truly shined courtesy of manga artist Yasuo Ohtagaki. It’s definitely something Gundam hasn’t seen before. Odd story aside, however… With that, Big Comic […]


From this month’s Gundam ACE: NEW BLUE DESTINY MANGA ANNOUNCED: The Blue God of Death is Revived Once Again. A New Serialization Universal Century 0079 – The Final Stages of the One Year War. A squadron, whose objective is the collection of real combat data from mobile suits, The Earth Federation Forces 11th Autonomous Mechanized […]


Jumping back in on the news bandwagon for a change. Here’s one of the latest news blurbs from the September issue of Gundam Ace! NEXT ISSUE PREVIEW!! The official sidestory that started in 2002 as another Gundam SEED: Gundam Astray!! The series that unfolded from different angles via comic, novel and photonovel, returns to this magazine […]


Hi all, I’ve updated the Blazing Shadow entry of the database with more characters, mechanics and plot information. There’s currently a summary for Volume 2 as well as a “story thus far” which covers the events in Volume 1. Continuing on, I’ll summarize some points from Gundam Ace dating back to the September 2014 issue […]


I have a new database entry for a photonovel series coming out soon called MSV-R The Troublemakers. You can check it out here.


Volume.01 is almost done~ 😀


The following is a translation from an advertisement in Gundam Ace: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED ASTRAY REMASTER PROJECT The Sidestory Masterpiece celebrates its 10th anniversary! Spring 2013 will mark ten years since the original publication of SEED ASTRAY. As such, a special edition series publication has been decided! All three volumes of SEED ASTRAY and […]


Lantis reports that the television anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Age will have a drama cd on sale June 6th for 3,000 yen. Details on the drama indicate that it is an official sidestory that complements the television series. The drama will focus on the characters relationships of each generation. The content will be original […]

Upcoming Gundam Titles

MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST VOL.01 Yuuichi Hasegawa Release Date: 2012.05.26 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC FRAGMENTS OF STARLIGHT Takashi Morita Release Date: 2012.05.26 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -FIRST EVOLUTION- VOL.02 Hiyon Katsuragi Release Date: 2012.05.26 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -SECOND EVOLUTION- VOL.01 Bau Release Date: 2012.03.26 MOBILE SUIT Z GUNDAM DEFINE VOL.02 Hiroyuki Kitazume Release […]

War After the War Page

I’ve created a database entry for the “Episode.0” novel for Gundam Unicorn. You can view it here. I’ll have MS specs translated from the book at a later date.

Gundam UC PS3 Game

Guess what’ll be shipping soon! 😀 If all goes well, we just MAY translate that small novel!