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G-Saviour has been one of those entries into the Gundam franchise that everyone tries to dismiss as “alt-UC” or ignoring altogether. In October of 1995, work began on a promotional trailer (as well as the feature film). In March of 1997, the trailer was complete. Linked below is how that promotional trailer played out. In June of […]


Over the years my Gundam collection has steadily grown. I’ve been on a quest to try and locate older Gundam material from the formative years of Gundam and provide fans in the community an insight into works that will never, ever see the light of day in English much less the Japanese side again. Periodically, […]


The two gigantic weapons from Twilight Axis have been revealed: RX-78KU-01 KURWENAL A massive armed base that incorporates the Gundam AN-01 “Tristan” as it’s central unit. Developed behind the scenes by Birnam. Just like their mobile suits, it is unknown how they acquired the armaments and the exterior equipment. Wielded by Quentin Fermo, a Cyber Newtype acting as […]


The first of two previews for the newest serialization coming to Gundam Ace! Database entry has also been created here. Stay tuned for more!


Another Sunrise project is rolling out via Yatate Bunko: Anaheim Laboratory Log. Check out the database entry for this new series here. Universal Century 0100: Just when the Universal Century would be celebrating its anniversary marking a full century, several unpublicized trial production reports, experimental validations, and trial operation reports of new mobile suits were […]


A new Gundam sidestory novel called “Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis” begins serialization in October on the new Yatate Bunko website. Ark Performance will be heading up this manga in terms of story composition and design cooperation. The author will be Kojiro Nakamura. Database entry has been created here. SUMMARY: Universal Century 0096. Several months […]

[DATABASE] – Manga Added

Gundam Ace breathes more life into the already stagnant Crossbone Gundam series. With the premiere of Episode 0, the regular serialization of the latest series of Crossbone Gundam begins in the September issue. The struggle of soldiers drawn on a stage of an as yet unseen era as the Universal Century faces its end. Many […]

[DATABASE] – Manga Update

Gundam Ace is celebrating 15 years this month and to commemorate this, a new Gundam manga has started being serialized. Coupled with the Mobile Suit Discovery expositions that have been gracing the pages of the magazine for the past year, the spinoff series entitled “Cucuruz Doan’s Island” kicked off with its first chapter entitled “Black Enemy.” […]

Just a bit of a random update as I get my copy of this book in, but I’ve added a database entry for “Mobile Suit Z Gundam Jerid’s Deployment Orders”. Originally a game book released by Keibunsha in 1987, it was later re-released from Bandai in 1989. The Bandai version differs slightly in some regards to […]

Gundam Thunderbolt Sidestory

A database entry has been made for the latest installment in the Thunderbolt universe. A sidestory by Studio Toa based on the “Thunderbolt Mechanics” series from Hobby Japan. Chapter 1 of the series has been updated. You can view it here.


A bit of a random update. I’ve translated the prologue for the new Gundam SEED ASTRAY series called “Princess of the Sky Castle”. You can download that installment here. Database information will be located here.

[INFO] – Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Detailed information regarding the latest Gundam series can be found here.

[Database] – Updated

A random update of sorts: 08th MS Team Trivial Operation! I’ve been trying to find some information on lesser known Gundam titles as of late and finally managed to track down the old magazines that serialized this story. They’re en route from Japan so hopefully I’ll get to share them with you soon. In the […]


Hi all, I’ve updated the database entry for this particular series. Noteworthy additions: comprehensive character listing and volume summaries with chapters. Mechanics and timelines in the near future.


Hi all, I’ve updated the Blazing Shadow entry of the database with more characters, mechanics and plot information. There’s currently a summary for Volume 2 as well as a “story thus far” which covers the events in Volume 1. Continuing on, I’ll summarize some points from Gundam Ace dating back to the September 2014 issue […]


I’ve made a major database update to the Blazing Shadow novel that’s currently being serialized in Gundam Ace. Hopefully I’ll have some plot summaries up at a later point and a little bit more refinement on the mechanics. You can view the entry here.

Database Update

After a lengthy delay, I’ve started to dive into my database work again. This time I’ve updated the Across the Sky manga with characters and mechanics from Volume 1. Chapter titles and volume pics are available for all volumes.


In response to a Facebook poll, I’ve resurrected the old novel translations for Beltorchika Children. I have, of course, started re-translating and editing them so they’re grammatically correct and what not and mesh with the translation we currently have for the dialogue. You can find the database entry here. Currently, only the prelude is available.

[DATABASE] Reconguista in G

I’ve added a database entry for the latest Gundam series: GUNDAM Reconguista in G. You can view it here.


I did a quick/extremely dry run through of the final manuscript version of the DOME-G presentation. I still need to edit some of the wonky translations, but it’ll do for now. I’ll add the pre-release version at a later date as some of the points changed considerably from that version to the final one. Until then, […]